Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What is your gallery wall personality?


Hello friends. Do you have a gallery wall in your home yet?

Today I thought I’d share some creative looking walls that might inspire you to tackle some empty wall space in your own house. I know. Where do you begin? Well, how about deciding what you like, first. In the photo above, you can see an entryway with loads of personality. It’s a mismatched collection on the wall that creates an casual, fun atmosphere right when you enter. Is this your personality?

I can imagine a friendly, busy family living in this house…


The nice thing about creating a gallery wall, is that it can tell you a lot about yourself in the process. What is the atmosphere you'd like to create in your home? What kinds of artwork or family photos have you been collecting lately? Do you like all your frames to match for a more uniformed, formal look or do you like the random, casual placement in the photo below?

So you have a penchant for antique gold frames in your rooms or do you prefer metal or black framed prints?

The picture above is one of my favorite rooms for so many reasons. I like the classic look of the room, the mix of contemporary prints with traditional artwork and of course, I love the blue and white pottery. But it’s also a tad serious. What do you think?

tumblr_lx2rkuLCAO1qii5iio1_500theinspirationalgirlvia the inspirational girl

The truth is, I love seeing the colorful, quirky additions on someone’s gallery wall because it’s so interesting to see which items were chosen, and why. In fact, I consider gallery walls to be a window into a person’s personality.  And pure eye candy. Here’s a bedroom wall that makes me smile. Love the jolt of red don’t you? 

246500474_mqmk5nq8_b1gallerywall-72201212619_standard copy

photos: dustjacketattic pininterest; google

Do you notice that most gallery walls are done on light, creamy backgrounds? But before you decide to ‘play it safe,’ you might consider the following photos.

gallerywallfromlonnymag lonnymagazinevia lonnymagazine

How about this bohemian-looking bedroom? The deep turquoise color works because of the large window of light. But what about the wall? Do you like the collection of clocks and random, mismatched frames? I can imagine enjoying a cup of latte at a downtown bookstore with the person who lives here.


gallery-wall_domino1via: domino magazine

If you love bold stripes like I do, you’ll want to keep your frames in one color. I painted my own staircase wall in this same taupe colored stripe and I love it. But I still haven’t completed my gallery wall. Oh well, I’m still thinking about it…

horse-dog-framed-prints-wall-gallery-green-painted-walls-decor-plaid-chair-decorating-traditional-home-room-ideasvia googleimage

Here’s a few more cozy wall colors for a possible backdrop for your artwork. Very Ralph Lauren, don’t you think?

Collages40creativity exchangevia the creativity exchange

house_and_home_2via homeandhouse

How about this impressive gallery wall on an upstairs entryway? I like all the black and white but my first question is, “Wow, what kind of person meticulously measured and placed all these framed, matted photos on this wall?”  I need a friend like this!

tumblr_lqxnq1sZGy1r29a71o1_500inspirationalgirlvia theinspirationalgirl

In this industrial looking office, these sepia toned prints are a better fit, don’t you agree?

housebeautifulvia housebeautiful

I really like the idea of a gallery wall in the bedroom because anything goes. I have some of my old prints and a cherished oil painting hanging against a dark, chocolate brown wall in our master bedroom.

2276020596_0766c3815dsouthernlivingvia southernliving

In this photo from Southern Living, these family photos are hung with simple upholstery tacks, although I’m not sure how I feel about all those family members in the bathroom with me.

What do you think? If you do decide to put family photos in this steamy, humid environment, make sure you use copies of the photos, so the originals don’t get ruined.


Well, what’s your opinion? Is a gallery wall right for you? If you do decide to create your own, here are a two helpful tutorials to choose from.

1. Click on this Apartment Therapy tutorial to learn about these five steps to creating a gallery wall.


2. Or check out This Tutorial on Roost-Home that uses wax paper to make your placement job easier.


Well, friends, I hope this post gave you a better idea of your gallery wall personality.

And If you already have a wall in your home, tell me how it turned out. I love to hear about your projects.

In the meantime, I’m off to finish my invitations for my upcoming French Country event. I’ll share some photos soon.

have a wonderful day,


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