Thursday, March 15, 2012

big, bold DIY flowers that will make someone smile…


Hi friends. Do you ever see something that immediately catches your attention and makes you want it, even though you have absolutely no idea what you'd actually do with it? 

Well, file this post under Random Pretty Things that Inspire Me to Do Gosh-Knows-What. ..

When I saw this DIY project on The Design Sponge, so many possibilities came to my mind. A whimsical garden party. A mother’s day luncheon. A baby shower. A little girl’s birthday party. These gigantic flowers would even look wonderful on a school stage. Any stage hands out there looking for some cheap ideas?

Apparently a contributor for the Design Sponge came up with these flowers for her very own wedding and they were such a hit that she began selling them at her shop. Click HERE to order them.


Or, you can go to the website to see the DIY instructions for these tissue flowers and make them yourself.

Meanwhile, these are the papers I’m working with right now for my current French Country event.


I’m working on my invitations. Stay tuned for more French Country details!

Bye for now,


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momto8 said...

sooo cool! and fun!

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