Friday, April 6, 2018

a post about your voice

"You are the first person you speak to in the morning."

I don't know why I find this idea so darn appealing, but the minute I heard Cleo Wade utter these words from the front of the room, I scribbled them down.

And I really thought about it.


When I open my eyes in the's my voice that pops into my head. First.

Which makes me the most powerful mood setter of my day.

Personally, I think this is the equivalent of an intense, 6 am work-out followed by a nutrient-packed smoothie for my body. Except it's self-care directed at my soul.

So of course, I find myself searching for my morning voice.

Is it tinged with hurriedness, a little anxiety?

Or is it light and encouraging?

And instead, be still.

Be curious about your voice.

How does it make you feel?
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