Saturday, February 25, 2017

How I transformed a plain door into a Farmhouse door

Hello friends. I'm traveling today but I wanted to stop in and share a DIY project I did awhile back.

I'm finally getting around to organizing my pictures and even though I only have IPhone ones, I think the project is worth sharing because it's such an inexpensive way to add a trendy farmhouse door to your home.

 Because our original door was damaged I bought a plain, inexpensive one from Home Depot and decided to transform it into something that would fit better with our beach cottage look. Although I didn't get a "before" photo of the door this one looks identical except for the placement of the doorknob. Ours was on the opposite side.

Saving space

The reason I decided to change this door out was because it opened into our tiny laundry room, cutting into valuable space. By replacing it with a door on a slider, it makes the laundry room more functional until we can get around to tackling this entire space.

For this project I used basic pine 1x4s and planks leftover from my bedroom walls.

First off, I cut and added the pine on all four sides.

Looking at the door from this angle you can see the depth in the middle of the door that I created with these 1x4s. 

After playing around with the faux planks
(strips cut from sheets of plywood)
inside this space, I figured out that my design would work.

My design required a middle piece.

Once the center piece was cut and nailed down it was time to add the planks.

I decided to add glue before nailing down my planks. But first I had to measure the space and decide how wide these planks should be, I decided on six.

Once the bottom planks were added I used wood filler for my nail holes and added a base coat of white primer.

Now came the tricky part (for me at least)
 It was time to cut my angles for my "X" on the bottom.

Close enough. After the wood filler it was ready for more paint.

Front side done.

To finish the back side I turned it over and covered it with the planks minus the middle piece. Same process, using wood glue and nail gun.

Issues with adding thickness to door

I really wanted the "planked" look from inside the laundry room but I was getting worried about the thickness I was adding to the door. Here's a side view:

I had ordered barn door hardware from a different company and when it arrived not only were the measurements all in the metric system---but the pre-drilled holes didn't line up with our studs. It really added to our concern about the weight of this door. 

Back-side Before

All done and ready for paint.



The lighting wasn't great when I snapped this picture but if you look closely you can see the 2x4 over the doorway that Jim put into the studs, then we attached the sliding door hardware into this 2x4 for added strength.

I painted it white to blend into the wall:

I'll be back with better pictures.

Also--I'm thinking it still needs a black rustic door handle.
What do you think?
Yes or No?


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Karen said...

What a great idea. Yes, I'd want some hardware, maybe in black or oil rubbed bronze. Still, it looks wonderful as you have it now.

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Oh how fabulous is this. Great tutorial too.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

WOW. THAT, is impressive. I have seen the hardware at Home Depot and look at what you did here. Fabulous, Leslie!

Unknown said...

You are so talented, my friend. Your place looks amazing and this door is perfect. Yes to the black handle. Love it all!
Enjoy your travels!
xx, Heather

La Contessa said...

Is there anything YOU cannot DO????

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Oh, this is wonderful, Leslie! I like the idea you came up with for supporting the extra weight. It really transforms the space! And I vote yes to hardware, but it is beautiful without it, too!

Lori said...

Another job well done! I too think it needs some black hardware. xo

mdickson said...

Really cute Leslie!! Can't wait to see your house when you are "finished" with it!!

Blondie's Journal said...

This is so cool...I can think of a dozen doorways I could use something like this in. You did a great job with the tutorial. Black hardware would be really nice, especially paired with some other black pieces in the room.

Jane xxx

JoanMarie said...

Oh My Word Leslie! I love this entire project and admire your skills Girl! I personally adore the black with white and think a handle would be a nice addition to an already ingenious idea. Beautiful job!

Carla from The River said...

Wow! This is fabulous, beautiful, amazing, YOU ROCK GIRL!
Well done. And great job on the tutorial.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

A smile broke out on my face when I saw your after picture. You did a 'fantastic' job.

You inspire me with your projects.

michele said...

Bravo, Leslie! You are a champion! We made our barn doors at our old house and didn't ever add a handle but I prefer that they have a handle. I am in Arizona where we added a modern barn door last year, and this year we are dreaming of another one...maybe an 8' high one to buffer noise to the guest bedrooms from the living area. Can't wait to see your styled photos since these iPhone ones are pretty darn impressive! xox

Mary Ann Pickett said...

How amazing! Great job.

Nancy said...

girl you have some mad DIY skills. i wish we were neighbors! i need a diy mentor that can work a saw! love everything you do!

cindy hattersley design said...

You are amazing girl!! I say yay for the door handle but it looks great as is!!

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