Thursday, February 6, 2020

5 Ways to Refresh your Living Room

Hello Friends, 

And welcome to my blog. If you're new here I'm SO happy to have you visit! Welcome. Welcome.

And if you're one of my returning friends... well, you probably know I've been completely off the grid for awhile. No Instagram. No blogging. Just a total break. And maybe you figured it out already because we do talk about real-life things here. But the truth is, it's been a difficult time as I navigated my way through January. As you can imagine, facing a new year with all the energetic focus on the future feels completely different to a grieving parent. 

But I'll share more about that later.

In the meantime--- I've got company!! Yes, YOU!

You're here. And so many others because there's a house tour going on and I have to admit, I'm pretty awe-struck by the bloggers Cindy has assembled here for this living room project.

If I was my normal nerdy self I would be downright intimidated because I'm such an long-time admirer of these gals, I just love their distinct styles. And whenever I see them participating in things like this ---I can't wait to see their homes.

Also, because I love funny stories (especially at my expense)  I have to ask you this personal question.  

Have you ever been home in your jammies, with not a drop of make-up on, just drinking coffee in your messy house and in my case, holding a wet paint brush---when you get a call from some out-to-town friends who are nearby and want to stop by RIGHT NOW and say Hi?

I'm laughing as I write this because that's exactly ME. And this project. The back story is that apparently I had said yes to Cindy some fuzzy months ago about a 'refresh project' and of course I felt honored to be included because...well, who doesn't love hanging out with Cindy and MaryAnn?

Only I guess I didn't hear the words, LIVING ROOM and so I was just humming along, finishing up my bathroom and my new linen closet. And feeling relieved I could at least share these parts of my house when the time came.

Of course. Right? 

The guests ALWAYS gotta hang out in that one room you didn't get to. HA!. But no worries, in real life if this happens--I hope you've learned to do what I do, shrug and say WTF and pull out a good bottle of wine. Cause that's my attitude.

The good news is that it really did force me to keep it simple, and I actually challenged myself NOT to buy anything new for this room. You know how we always talk about shopping our own house? Well I actually did it (besides buying flowers and plants). And here's the hard part---not getting all crazy and trying to pretend I'm a designer, which of course I'm not. I did some easy stuff. Dusting for one. And I hope you like it.

Simple ways I refreshed my living room

5 things

1. Fresh flowers and plants

2. Change out pillow covers 

Seriously, don't you love finding pillow covers you washed and then forgot about?  It helps that I'd just cleared out my (hoarder-looking) linen closet.

3. Layer couch with colorful throw or quilt

Since I was using a jewel-colored Batik cloth for my throw, I brought these Mudcloth pillows back out for my white chairs.

4. Shop your home

Walk around your house with a fresh eye and
    relocate prints and art from other rooms..

Here's another example. I spied this vintage print in my kitchen

and I moved it into the laundry room ..

so I could bring this modern print into the living room.

The biggest change in this room happened when I moved all these deep gray botanical prints from an overlooked wall in my dining room, and hung them in here. 

Hard to get a good pic because of the glare from the window.

I found this basket at Target last Fall.
So I balanced this long wall out with this new plant.

5. Clear clutter from bookshelves, and dust everything!

Oh, hi honey.

This vintage piece weighs a ton so it's been in the garage for months. See what happens when company is coming? 
You hang things up.

Well, that's it for now my friends.
Thank you so much for visiting, and please do head straight over to see what these talented bloggers have been doing in their living rooms:

EDB Designs- Elizabeth
5th and State- Debra
Kelley and Co- Kelley



cindy hattersley design said...

Hi Pal

See that wasn't so bad! Great minds think alike. We had basically the same m.o going. I love the "company coming" theme. I love these projects because it forces me to shop my house and use things in new ways. The only purchase I made were some new lampshades. Every post of yours inspires me Leslie. I wish I had your writing skills. I blog just like I talk....You always bring so much to our group. We LOVE having you!!

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

Hi Leslie, I loved seeing your living room, it is so collected, interesting and cozy. The wood in the bookshelves is such a nice touch and I LOVE your grey botanicals grouped over the couch!!! Your description of company stopping by when you're meandering around the house with paint brush in hand is SPOT ON for me, no one ever stops by when my house is all tidy and I've actually pulled myself together, ha!!! I'm newish to your blog and love it - and wish you well as you navigate the new year.

gayle said...

I love your home and style. And I enjoy reading your blog. Sending love and prayers for your family.

debra @ 5th and state said...

Leslie, love your writing style, like having a conversation with an old friend. and, of course I love your suggestions, like mine, except for the throw that!


Mary Ann Pickett said...

Leslie, you are so funny. Now we want to see your linen closet and bathroom as your living room is so beautiful! Love how you styled your bookcases. This project made me relook at my living room and move existing stuff around, too. Which does mean cleaning and THAT feels great. So glad you did this with us. Love your talent.
Mary Ann

Kelley said...

Well, that was fantastic.! You did everything I talked about in my blog post!!!! It's so strange how many really great things end up in the dining room like your prints.

Love your house BTW, super personal, bright and welcoming. Plus you have new things that are textural like the mud cloth and batik which I love.

Just one last thing....can you come by and dust my house when you have a few extra minutes. Somehow I missed the dusting assignment in Home Ec. cause I don't know how to do it. xxoo Kelley

Calypso In The Country said...

So great to see a blog post from you, Leslie. I'm sorry you've had a tough January. I figured the holidays would be difficult for you again. Hopefully, getting creative helped a bit... Your home looks lovely as always with the simple changes. You really have a great eye for design and I love how you refreshed your spaces by shopping your home!

La Contessa said...

DITTO HERE!!!!!!!!

Melanie said...

So wonderful to see a post from you again, Leslie! I am so sorry you had a rough January. Your relaxed vibe (what the hell, I'll just grab a bottle of wine) is definitely my style. I tell my friends they can come over to my house in their jammies if they want. I think feeling relaxed and welcome is all people want, anyway. And your living room exudes just that...

I was looking at all the details in your photos. Your sense of style is beautiful and classic, but not fussy. The slipcovered sofa and chairs offer that relaxed style. Perfect for hanging out with friends or family.

I love how you shopped your own home, too instead of running out and buying a bunch of new stuff. That makes the refresh even better!


Loree said...

Your living room looks very pretty and cozy and I love the shelving around the door. I think it's a great way to maximize space.

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Beautifully styled shelves! Love the rustic wood shelves. Now, that has sparked an idea. :)

Rita C at Panoply said...

I love your style, too many things to note, but they are ALL gorgeous! One thing I will note is that crucifix, which I love in its imperfect state. I have one very similar to it - it was my father's - and there is piece broken off of mine as well. Makes it even more beautiful. Sending happy vibes your way for February.

annie said...

Leslie, I love your style! Love the wide shiplap...or whatever we are calling it these days. It looks beautiful combined with your collected look. I too love the "company is coming" trick to get things done. We can move mountains in a day or it could take a week to go through a stack of magazines!

mollie's mom said...

January is a tough month when everything is going well - long and difficult when there are hard things to deal with. I'm sorry that it was a tough one but I'm happy to see your post and I absolutely can so relate to the story about thinking you were going to post the room that was ready and oops! guess again! Truly appreciate the easy freshening up ideas!

Sandra Sallin said...

You come shining through your words. Your living room is great and inviting. But the best thing is that you dusted! Bravo to you.Oh, and assume you got out of your PJ's another win. leslie, I don't care what your living room looks like. You make my life richer by just being there and writing anything. In fact just read your post about writing. It certainly spoke to me. So bottom line, What ever you do, i'll be there and enjoy your vision.

mdickson said...

Wow! Love what you did to the place - can you come over and fix up my living room? 💖💖😊I would be so grateful!

Karen said...

Your living room looks great. I've always loved your style because it invites you in, it feels like a real house where people live, not a model home. You may not be a designer by training but you have such talent for pulling a room together. I'm always happy to hear from you. :-)

michele said...

Come shop my house and zhush my living room--you're such a natural at it! I love the undone look of your styled space and the relaxed approach with your uncommon ability to make it a creative, life-giving exercise rather than a chore. Thank you, Leslie, for turning up the joy and inviting us in. xox

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

How lovely, Leslie! Your beautiful home is cozy and welcoming! I love all of the hints you gave...each little change packs a punch! I especially noticed how the artwork changes mix it up. I loved seeing more of your home!

Brenda said...

Gorgeous blog. Love the homey looking yet elegant. hope you are doing well. I enjoy your entries when you do blog.

Simply LKJ said...

Late to the party. Everything looks so inviting and fresh Leslie. I love that you just shopped your home to change things up.

Stacey said...

Great to see you back!! Everything looks amazing at your house. I love that you moved things around and explained your thinking. :)

Sheepskinsandfairylights said...

Hi Lesley, happy to see you here. Love your little changes, especially the batik, beautiful! Much love as always, vikki xxx

Sheepskinsandfairylights said...

I'm so sorry...think I've just spelt your name wrong on my comment....duh....Xx

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