Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ideas for your Easter table


How cute is this napkin fold? When I saw this napkin, I immediately wanted to share it with all of you.

If you’re like me, you haven’t begun to plan the details of your Easter day yet, but since it’s right around the corner, I thought I’d give you a few ideas for your table, just in case you’re this year’s Easter hostess.

First of all, here are the instructions for the bunny napkin.

These would be a hit at a “kid’s table” too, don’t you think?
I realize that cloth napkins aren’t as practical at big gatherings and they are a pain to wash, but I do think it’s important  to try to use cloth napkins on those special occasions, simply to get our children comfortable using them. In the old days, sitting down for family dinners was a wonderful opportunity to teach basic manners to our kids, but these days, sit-down dinners have become tougher to fit into our daily life. Which means it’s even more important to make our holiday tables special.

Easter Tablescapes Ideas


I love this centerpiece, but forming branches into a nest seems like a lot of work to me. I think I might use a rustic wreath instead, and put my flowers in a low sitting vase.


This is pretty but if you don’t have egg cups like these, you can go to Home Depot and buy some small clay pots from the Nursery, and spray paint them white for the same effect.


How easy is this? Wheat grass can be found at your local nursery. And placing the display on a bed of rocks is a nice touch.

TS2 bright bazaar

This tablescape was done by Bright Bazaar on a budget. I’ve seen these white milk bottles for sale at Target. The pale yellow and white tablecloth is actually a bed sheet that was dipped in yellow dye for a price of ten dollars.

TS5 bright bazaar

The napkins were dyed in hot pink to coordinate with the dual-colored roses. Then, eucalyptus branches were cut from the garden to add height and interest on this springtime table. Very creative and inexpensive.


Here is another Martha Stewart centerpiece, but it’s not hard-to-do. Baskets are everywhere right now and very inexpensive. Pick your favorite. Then, dilute green paint with water and brush it over the basket. The paint consistency should be watery. If the color is too faint on the basket, simply add more paint. Let it dry. Then fill a plastic liner with clover and place in the basket. If the basket is too deep, you can stuff it with crumpled newspaper before you add the fresh clover. Next, add a few dyed green eggs, a chocolate bunny and pretty green ribbon. You can do this.


Very Easter-looking and pretty, if you have the time to clean out the eggs. Me? I’d go shopping at the local craft store for other options. I wonder if paper Mache eggs would work?


This is a great idea from Centsational Girl.

In case you haven’t noticed, the small bird nests that are so popular on Spring tables are a tad expensive. Here’s a cheaper option. She took wicker balls from the local craft store and simple cut them in half with scissors.


Then she filled them with candy almonds and placed them at each place setting as a special party favor.


This is her finished table.

I’m so glad you stopped by. I hope you can use some of these ideas for your own Easter table.

Well, the sun is finally out after days of rainy weather here in northern California. Thank goodness. I hope you have a beautiful day wherever you are!




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Victoria Mische said...

Hi there! I enjoyed your bunny napkin tutorial. I'll be setting up our table for eater by tomorrow and this bunny napkin will be included in my list to be part of my tablescape. Thanks for spreading this cute idea!

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