Tuesday, March 13, 2012

from one friend to another…


my dear friend. Please stop trying to make everything seem perfect…

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and please stop trying to hide your important feelings. Because feelings that are not perky and sunny and “great!” are normal feelings. Really. And they deserve to be heard.

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so please, stop working so hard to deny

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life’s normal craziness. Problems. Anger. Worry. typical messy stuff that happens in an imperfect world.

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because life is not matchy-matchy perfect. And real friends know this and…


they will stop whatever they are doing to listen, because true friends share stuff that matters and they never judge. They will talk about the-deep-inside-stuff that other people can’t see because it helps…

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to know that there are others who really KNOW you. And love you with all your clunky flaws and your untidy, disorderly, lopsided struggles because we all have our own craziness. That’s the truth.

and there is a bond that happens when you dare to be vulnerable.

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only, I wish you knew this one thing: that honest-to-god sharing will lighten your load. And it will make you begin to feel whole…

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because truth always matters. But especially with real and loving friends… truth is essential.

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just a few of my thoughts…

because you deserve more.




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Ann Jones said...

Love your blog! Your posts are very well written and thought provoking. New follower from MBC, have a great evening!

momto8 said...

thank God for friends!

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