Friday, March 23, 2012

33 ways to stay creative…


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Hello to all my dear, busy, multi-tasking, readers!

Thank you for all your emails and comments about “having it all,” I learned that I’m not alone in my struggle to find a balance in my life, and I was terribly impressed with all the wisdom out there in the blogger world.

Today is Friday, hooray!  Whatever your week has been like, you’ve landed smack in front of your weekend and I sure hope that you’ll set time aside to do something that you love. Something that feeds your intellectual curiosity; an activity  that sparks your brain cells into a frenzy, and causes you to lose track of the hours because you’re so completely absorbed in a exhilarating, creative space.



Even… if you only stop and sit in front of a cup of herbal tea and dream.

It counts.

Or if you find yourself thinking of a exciting idea, only it’s grey and fuzzy around the edges and it brings along all those nagging self doubts, at least you will make it more real by devoting time to it. You can nurture it with concrete details and the creation of a list.

Because you have to begin with a vision in mind. Otherwise there are no first baby steps toward a newer way of seeing yourself.

Do you want to read about one woman who transformed her life after age 50?  Click on the link to learn how she changed her way of thinking about growing old and created new experiences for herself. 


Because there are so many OTHERS that we love and nurture and care for and worry about and support and push forward toward growth…

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That it’s easy to forget about us. And our own creative engine that needs to be fed and oiled and consistently acknowledged for us to move toward the place we’re supposed to be….

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Because anything is possible when we believe that…

…we are THAT woman in our dreams…

Have a happy, dreamy weekend friends!





Anonymous said...

"Allow yourself to make mistakes" this is one I wish I learned when I was young. I try to teach it to my kids but my oldest is a perfectionist and loses her mind if everything isn't "just right". Someday she'll learn, I hope :) Great blog!
Desiree' with Life with our Family

Loubna said...

Leslie, I love your blog & thank you for stopping by my site.
About your list, I do about 70% of it. I love watching foreign movies. I think everyone should, it keeps you open minded.
Loubna from

Lori Wildenberg said...

Just followed. Love your blog.
Here's mine:

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