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do you have a special place where you meditate and pray?


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“You don't have a soul. You are a soul.

You have a body.”
C.S. Lewis


Where do you go when you want to be alone with your thoughts? 

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Do you have a tranquil spot in your home where you can retreat from the bustling pace of your life?

Today, when I had an iron-clad list of things in my mind I was determined to do there was a knock on my door and an unexpected visitor on my doorstep.

And at first it was hard. Inside I was distracted and still wanting to have my own way. 

Until I eventually let go.


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Later I was reminded

(how flawed I am)

that offering somebody my quality attention was much more important than

crossing things off my list.



Do you have a special spot where you go to reflect on your life?


According to author Nancy Brady Cunningham, when we collect things that have powerful, emotional value to us and store them in a certain place, we’re creating a kind of altar.

A ‘sacred’ place that can be a source of powerful, loving energy.

Simply sitting in front of these simple items can offer us a window into our deeper selves; a chance for spiritual prayer and reflection.



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Where do you keep mementos and photos, or old faded letters from a grandparent who is now deceased?


In this photo, Cami from Creating Yourself, created a ‘Stairway to Heaven,’ a collection of spiritual pictures that line her staircase wall.


This is a photo of my own home. It’s the view from the top of my staircase.

I’m also drawn to vintage statues of the Blessed Mother because they connect me to my Grandfather. She had extraordinary meaning for him..



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This old, mirrored tray is where I’ve placed a few of my statues of the Blessed Mother. One of the statues is even chipped and glued in spots, but I keep sentimental cards and photos under the tray inside a plastic bag.

Immediately after Sierra died, when I was still so heartbroken I collected pieces of her white fur that seemed to be lying everywhere and put them inside the bag. I was worried I’d forget the familiar scent of her warm fur and the feeling I had when I buried my face in it. It’s still there, underneath the tray.

Do you save things too?


I think a single, religious artifact can create a peaceful ambiance in a room.


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What about you?


Do you have a place inside your home that feels peaceful?




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A Few Pennies said...

Yes, I do; have a special place to ponder, pray and think. Wasn't until I read your words how we sometimes put special things in a place as our "alter"--it's my safe, quiet place. Love your blog. (both of them) just imagine of the many hearts and souls you have touched with your words. Many of us don't leave comments. But, thank you for writing this blog.

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