Saturday, October 4, 2014

day 4: living with things that matter




In the end, Grandma no longer wanted things. I found this realization unsettling when I took her to a antique mall in the months before she died.



Grandma, the tireless deal seeker and consummate shopper refused my attempts to buy her even the smallest token to remember our visit.

Instead, every time I saw her in those last years she seemed intent on giving her  belongings away. Sentimental old letters and pictures. Pieces of costume jewelry.


“Go ahead Les, pick something out,”

she’d say as she lugged an old, deformed cardboard box down her hallway.


And I would glance at my Mom, feeling very uncomfortable. Taking something meant acknowledging that she was going somewhere and I didn’t want to.

Grandma was in her eighties and still going strong. I couldn’t imagine her suddenly being gone.



But at the same time, I could tell she was perfectly serious.

This was Grandma’s way of passing on a connection and I understood this.



After she passed away my Mom brought over her cake pedestal and told me that Grandma had wanted me to have this. Grandma was famous for baking her chocolate cakes and her specialty cheesecake and giving these away.

Apparently the saleswomen at Macy’s Department Store used to know Grandma from her baked goods, as we discovered after her death.

And so this cake pedestal was a wonderful reminder of how she lived, of her spunky spirit and her generosity.

And I was so delighted to have it.




As valuable as it is to me, I’ve decided to bring it out and use it around my kitchen, with or without the cake…



Life’s too short to keep waiting for that special occasion. Don’t you think?

Today is October 4th.

Can you find a way to use something that matters to you?



Thanks for joining me on Day 4!




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Linda said...

Oh how lovely! A piece to always treasure!

Unknown said...

Passing on the joys of life!
Most of my family is well, small and no longer here..... We were never close. Soda but true.
My husband on the other hand comes from a large one. So I have gotten some of those life Luvs passed down. The rug inhale my feet on, a desk I use, dishes I treasure them for the history. I use them to pass on the luv!

Dayle ~ A Collection of Days said...

Leslie, I love the cake pedestal and dome. It is just beautiful, a great reminder of your grandmother.

I'm a firm believer in using things now, especially those things that are rich with a history. I have quilts nearing 100 years old, and I delight in using them--gently, of course, but using them.

Karen said...

This resonates with me as I remember my grandma, and later my mom, do the same thing. Funny, I've been thinking along those lines and I'm nowhere near my 80's. I guess it's because both of our adult sons are married and have started families. The circle of life. What a lovely cake pedestal and I love the re-purposing of it for the time of year.

Donna@anangloinquébec said...

I totally agree. It is lovely and why not add in something to your environment that will make you smile when you catch a quick glance that way. I think that is so important. I have a drawer in the kitchen with all the silver I have collected over the year from family and we use it...daily. I mean, why wait?
Day 4 Leslie...phew!! Doing good girl.

Donnamae said...

What a lovely post. I believe we honor those who have left us when we use things they wanted us to have. Beautiful cake stand...even without the cake! ;)

Sarah said...

Beautiful etched glass, but the sentiment is the true beauty in this piece. I totally agree. We need to bring out those special pieces and enjoy them daily. So much better than leaving them packed away.

Town and Country Gals said...

so glad you visited and thanks for the sweet comment! Your cake pedestal is lovely. Using those things given to us by the special people in our lives keeps them close in our hearts and a smile to our faces. I don't have a lot of things from members of my family, it was pretty small, but I too believe they should be brought out, used and enjoyed.

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Hi Leslie, I've been following along with your lovely posts and have been finding ways to take time to be more present in the moment, too. The cake stand is a lovely reminder of your grandmother...I am so glad you are using it!

Unknown said...

How lovely, Leslie...what a sweet Grandma you had...enjoy your weekend xx

Gypsy Heart said...

How beautiful and so very special! I really don't believe in saving things. My mother had a strong tendency to do that and I finally had her using the crystal, sheets and towels & burning the candles. If we don't, someone else will! :)


Lori said...

What a beautiful piece and I agree ~ it should be out and enjoyed. xo

AntiqueChase said...

love this!

Kristin @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia said...

I have things that have been passed down which put a smile on my face as it reminds me of the ones I have lost. Your pictures are so pretty and the pedestal is gorgeous. My mom is now starting to giveaway all of her items and it just breaks my heart. Thanks for sharing Leslie and I totally just called you Gwen on my e-mail. Sorry :)

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