Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Day 14: Halloween Entertaining…




Hello everyone!

Well… here we are.

Today is the 14th day of October and believe me, my personal challenge to blog every day in October is definitely making me aware of each passing day.

(It’s also making me question my sanity, but that’s a whole other topic)

On October 5th I got this touching message from an old friend back home and it inspired today’s post. 



Boy did this make me feel good. And it brought back all those fabulous years of Halloween fun that I’ll always treasure. Thank you Kim, I miss you all too. I really do.

But even though I’m not throwing big parties anymore, I’m still always on the look-out for those spooky little creatives who come up with ideas like the ones in this post.

When I saw this gorgeous Halloween photo shoot at Design Love Fest 

I just had to show you. Can you believe this backdrop?


If you’re like me, you look at all the details.

The color of the candles. The centerpiece. The choice of candlesticks. The color of the pumpkins. And you pay special attention to how simple items are transformed.

I love everything about this Halloween table but I especially appreciate:

the use of gray candles

the use of Pampas grass for interesting texture (why didn’t I ever think of this?)

the absence of orange pumpkins



and my favorite new idea?

These cheap, thrift store trays that can be spray painted with chalk paint and displayed with messages written in flowing white calligraphy.

How cool is this?

You can visit the site to see more of these photos and to get these cocktail recipes.


Here’s a gothic version.

I spy some black sprayed painted branches used in the centerpiece with red candles and a black velvet ribbon blended with old silver looking pieces…

The Addams Family inspired Halloween tablescape at Camille Styles.


2caecf42172dfd4e3da20f61c58c206d.jpgfinding home

I spy silverware tucked into black gloves and shining gold pumpkins as place cards. And a hint of web material under the white plates.


Silver candle sticks with black candles and black serving pieces…

and those eggs!



And in case you missed my Spooky Chic table ideas

you can go HERE to check out my white gloved place card. It’s my latest favorite creation.

Seeing all these pictures really gets my creative juices flowing… and as soon as I finish my Design Project Gallery Wall, I have a ghost themed tablescape I can’t wait to tackle.



So tell me,

do you entertain at Halloween?






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Unknown said...

I like the white glove idea, that is great! I follow Design Love Fest too, don't they have some brilliant ideas, so creative!

Halloween is still regarded over here as very "American"! But where we live, which is super close to our school, the children do trick or treat, it's quite small scale....although on the night it feels as though the whole school is out & it is a lot of fun. I will be taking my son out this year :)

Simply LKJ said...

Amazing creativity!

Karen said...

I love a couple of these table settings and plan to try to copy cat. What fun this season can be. That was really nice to hear from your friend in the neighborhood before you moved.
You're doing great on the everyday posting, my hat's off to you, my friend.

Marilyn said...

So many great ideas! I loved the chalk painted trays, the black spray painted branches and the red candles. A really creative Goth/Halloween look.

Marilyn (in Dallas)

Gypsy Heart said...

Some people are so creative! I love that you shared these ~ and yes, I do notice the details. :)

P.S. So happy your friend contacted you ~ I know you & your family are missed!

Anonymous said...

Love the Fall and decorating for it, especially Halloween. All kinds of display things go up - banners, pumpkins, figures and especially my Halloween tree. Sadly everything is still packed away as the house is reno'd. No room in the trailer, but I did buy a few more things to add to my collection next year and have them in the trailer. Little things like this help me feel a bit more normal, because the reno is anything but : D. Patty/NS

Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. said...

Such fun inspiration! ... When you wrote your post the other day about the lovely evening with your neighbors, I was thinking ... Oh great, now Leslie can have a Halloween party/dinner and invite the neighbors! I know how you love the holiday and I think you should keep the tradition alive!

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

So many fun the script trays and your white gloved place cards especially!

Art and Sand said...

I love that first table setting and pinned it for when I finally get around to doing some Halloween decor.

I laughed when you talked about posting every single day this month. I am lucky if I get a post a week in right now.

But, I have decided that you need to be on Instagram. I do just 1 post each day, but missed one day already this month.

You are so good at noticing the world around you and it would be fun to see what odd/quirky/ironic/crazy things you come in your daily life.

Carla from The River said...

We use to host Halloween parties. We have not done it for a long time. One of my best times was helping a friend create a Haunted House in the barn on the property that was not in use. We had such a great time.
Thank you for the fun ideas.

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