Thursday, August 2, 2012

Opps! I tried and failed…



Oh my goodness.

I guess it had to happen. Eventually. And to think, we started out so well, that little brown chest and I, ….I truly thought it would work out. After all, I had such brilliant plans for this entryway piece, who would’ve suspected a rebellion? A flat-out rejection that put me in my place with a clear message, “No way lady, it ain’t happening. Not with me.”

Tsk. Tsk. After all the time I put into it too. Oh well. In the spirit of keeping it real, I’m here today to share a failed project. You can offer your advice too, feel free. But first, a little history. Do you remember my recent post on My foyer?

DSC_0804 copy3

I decided I needed a jolt of color to liven things up at my door, and I was in the process of looking for the right rug with a geometric pattern.


I loved this entryway that I’d pinned from some time ago, especially the touches of red everywhere. Only I haven’t been able to find a rug. And because I’m the type to buy paint first, and ask questions later, I decided what the heck.


I’d transform my plain-Jane chest into a rich, exotic-looking Chinese version. Then I’d have instant red in my entry, without waiting for the rug. Here’s the (slightly crooked) photo of my entry piece. I planned on painting the sides red.


And I already had a bold red color that I liked. But I decided to make the homemade chalk paint recipe from Elizabeth & Co., because she does such wonderful projects over there, don’t you think? Only my first mistake was when I decided to skip the light sanding step.


The paint wasn’t adhering properly, so after another thick coat delivered on both sides of the chest, (I’m hard-headed) I sanded it all off. That’s right. I removed my first coats of paint and returned to step one. Sanding.

OK. Time to lug it outside, because this was going to be messier than I thought.


The paint went on better after the sanding, so I painted both sides and moved on to the next step. I would still need to finish the painting, but my plan was to decoupage my front inserts with a Chinese-looking paper I’d found at Cost Plus. After I toned down the gold with an antiquing glaze and distressed the red paint, I thought I’d have my elegant look.


Are you beginning to see my vision? I cut the paper to fit the insert panels.


But there was this ONE itty bitty worry I had. Can you see it? The panels aren’t flat, there are carved risings in the wood which made me wonder how the paper would adhere. See how I fly-by the-seat of my pants? Maybe you might have tested this out before, but I like to wing it. Usually it works. 


Because the paper was so stiff, I thought dipping it in water would help, prior to slathering Mod Podge on it. Not a good idea, because the color leaked right away.


Then I became concerned I’d tear the paper, so I applied the Mod Podge directly on the wood. Everyone having fun yet?


This is a close-up of the paper on the carved wood. Definitely not a keeper… dear me, only one thing to do. Tear it all off.


Time to regroup.


And here I am. Back to the drawing board without a real plan. I didn’t want to do an entire piece in red. But I’m not sure painting panels in a contrasting color would look as elegant as I’d hoped. Right now I’m undecided.


Should I do all red?

The red japanned bureau bookcase found in the State Bedroom at Erddig, Wrexham, Wales

Should I add touches of gold?



Should I go more country? I do like this contrasting grey top.



Should I play it safe and paint it all black? Then I’d definitely need a rug with some color.


Drop me a line…I’d love to hear your views…


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Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. said...

Yikes, it sure is frustrating when things don't go according to plan! I think that chest would look great in red, but if you don't want it to be solid red, how about a combination of red and black? Then some red in the rug to tie it all together. I love the idea of a bold geometric print. But really, I think your foyer is already pretty darn amazing just the way it is!

May said...

I think I agree with Sharon, she said my mind.

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Hi Leslie, How about painting the piece all red and lightly dry brush in black or paint red and add gold or black in the raised areas of the panels only.

Kristin said...

I think all versions will look lovely. I am more partial to the gold touches on it though. Good luck!

Unknown said...

i do the same thing- i like flying :)
i think i would go black. You will have more options with the rug and it will keep the piece timeless and a little more transitional.
whatever you end up deciding i cant wait to see!

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