Tuesday, August 7, 2012

our summer entertainment picks…

In our house we call it “family night.” Over the years, its become a loose term for simply being together and hanging out as a family. We started it when the boys were little, as a way of carving out time from sports and friends and social obligations, but the best part is,  it actually stuck. When life gets crazy, we all look forward to reconnecting this way.

What do we do? Whatever sounds fun. Movies are a big thing for us, we love seeing them and afterwards, we like to critique them. And although we’re fans of quirky, independent movies, we also see a lot of action movies. The big-releases.

In fact, I like to joke that there’s not a testosterone filled violent-action-thriller- shoot-em-up-movie that I haven’t seen. And no. It’s not that I love that genre. It’s because I live in a house with males that do..

So wherever they go, I go. After all…

family time

It’s not to say that we don’t see romance when it’s well done. We all agree that my personal favorite, Pride and Prejudice is pretty amazing. And everyone loved 500 days of Summer and Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris too.

 But generally, the guys prefer romantic comedies that are heavy on the comedy like, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and Just Friends. Movies with lots of hilarious moments and guys like Seth Rogen, Ben Stiller, Jason Segel, and Ryan Reynolds..


And everyone in my house absolutely loves Will Ferrell movies. Me? Not so much.

But this summer, we all liked….


The Amazing Spider-man

Ok. I liked it more than they did. And personally, I thought Andrew Garfield’s Spider-man was so much better than Toby Maguire. He was more believable to me. And I loved these two actors together, thought they had real chemistry and were so cute!


The Dark Knight Rises

Batman lived up to everyone’s expectations, although I admit I closed my eyes during some of the violence. I’ve always thought that after Christian Bale took over the role, Batman became more masculine and cool..although I wanted him to end up with Katie Holmes! Darn that Tom Cruise.


The News Room

And here’s our latest favorite pick for television. This summer we’ve become fans of The News Room. Yes, I’m aware that Aaron Sorkin’s new HBO show has been attacked for his condescending need to educate the masses among many other things, 

but we enjoy current events and politics in our home and it’s fun to see it played out in a recreated newsroom. There’s lots of fast-paced banter, plus I like Jeff Daniel’s tirades.


And of course, this summer we’ve been riveted by The Olympics.


We watched all the swimming…


and beach volleyball with Misty May and Kerri Walsh …


men and women’s gymnastics…


and we were so happy to see Andy Murray win…

How about you? What have you been watching? 





Kristin said...

We've been catching up on TV shows we haven't watched like the Walking Dead. I am ready to see the Dark Knight Rises though, we've been waiting for that one!

Ladies Holiday said...

And we think your blog is good entertainment too- please come see your Liebster Award nomination at Ladies Holiday:

Unknown said...

love family movie night! we do this many fridays during the school year along with taco tuesday and pasta thursday. my kids look forward to it. its important family bonding time for sure!
becasue im loving your blog, i have nominated you for the sunshine award. you can read about it here
have a fabulous aloha friday!!!

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