Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Practicing forgiveness in a polarized society, how’s it working for you?


Today I posted on my God and Coffee blog. Here’s an excerpt:

We all know what forgiveness means while we’re sitting in the pew of our church. But what happens when we walk out into the real world, one that is populated by people that hold beliefs and values that are very different than our own?

I have to confess. I get so darn depressed when I listen to the ugly personal attacks that are now a common part of our political campaign season. The other day, I overheard somebody say, “I hate Obama!” without any apparent hesitation, nor was there any mention about his policies. I understand the intensity. But can we please have some self-awareness? Can we at least TRY to maintain a kernel of civility when we discuss heated issues?

So this morning when I opened up my Sojourner’s email to find this thoughtful article called, Fear, Forgiveness and the Mosque at Ground Zero,  I was curious.

If you’re interested in this topic, read more HERE.




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