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Loyola Guild Installation Lunch 2012: it’s finally over…



Of course. Wouldn’t you know it? I was so busy running around and tending to the details of the day, I didn’t get many photos that I could show you. Why-oh-why don’t I ever seem to slow down and take pictures of my own events?

Oh well.

The Loyola Guild Installation Luncheon was yesterday and yes, it was quite a success if I must say-so-myself. As many of you already know, I was chairperson for this event which I’ve been planning for awhile.

Despite our initial worries about attendance, we ended up having a room filled to capacity at the Del Paso Country Club.


One hundred and five women attended this event which is steeped in tradition. We had Past Presidents from previous years who filled an entire table, and this included the first President ever (from 1959), eighty-eight year old Virginia Larson.

Here is a photo of the passing of the official gavel.


The out-going Loyola Guild President Mary Norris (on right), is shown handing it off to the new President of the 2012-2013 school year, Jeanne Bovill.


One of the highlights of the afternoon was when Mary Norris presented the President of Jesuit High School, Father Suwalsky and Principal Brianna Latko,  a check from Loyola Guild in the amount of $125,000. The Christmas Tree Lane Chairpersons, Maribeth Eggleston, Sherree Blakemore and Kari Kassis were among those called to the front of the room to present the check. Their hard work, along with those from the Jesuit High School Logo Store, made this hefty donation possible.

DSC_0788 copy

Everyone seemed to appreciate the French Country tablescape. Here’s a photo taken against the backdrop of the Del Paso Golf Course. I had mason jars filled with Baby’s Breath around the French inspired flower box. And I had made the table overlays with blue toile fabric. Little lace party favors are at each setting.

Sunflower yellow napkins contrasted nicely with the blue, don’t you think?

DSC_0792 copy

The centerpieces were such a hit that I ended up selling them all; since all the proceeds go back to Loyola Guild, it was an easy decision. If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll remember the DIY instructions I gave you for the distressed French flower box. Click HERE to see the instructions if you missed them.

Do you like the flowers? I’m going to show you how to make this centerpiece in an upcoming post. It’s very easy to do.

Here’s a bit of information you might not know.

Each year the President of Loyola Guild chooses a word or phase that will be the theme of their tenure. It’s a selection that has personal meaning for them and it also becomes the theme of the Installation Luncheon at the end of the year.


Mary Norris had chosen the word, “Devotion,” because of her deep connection to the Blessed Mother and because she felt it was a word that exemplified the women who offer their time and their heartfelt energies to the Loyola Guild. This is a photo of the program for the event.


And here’s a photo of the party favor that everyone received at their place setting.

DSC_0783 copy

I presented a favor for each guest which contained a reflection about the meaning of Devotion, and a glassine envelope of dried rose petals, which are historically associated with the apparitions of the Holy Mother. Do you recognize what I used to make this favor?

Yes, it’s simply a small peat moss container… and I’ll show you how I made this too. Don’t forget to check back here for those photos…

Each out-going Board member was given a gift that was hand-picked by President Mary Norris.

This year it was a Miraculous Medal which was presented inside a black velvet pouch. I found a “Merci” stamp that was perfect for our French-inspired theme, and I made tags for each one.


A story explaining the front and back of the Miraculous Medal accompanied the gift. I printed it on pretty floral paper and tied a ribbon to it. In case you’re wondering, my French theme was inspired by the story of the medal itself, where according to the Catholic Church,  the origins of the medal happened when St. Catherine Laboure received a vision from the Blessed Mother in Paris, France.


And finally, Mary Norris wrote a personal thank you for all of her Board Members which was addressed to each person by calligraphy artist Marilyn McCourt, presented inside clear wrapping, and tied with a monogram “D” for Devotion.


This is what it looked like. All the gifts were clipped together with clothespins that I decorated using vintage music sheets, buttons and pretty paper.


Well, those are a few of the details of the event. I wish I had more photos to show you…but as you can imagine, it was an afternoon where I was constantly in motion.

In fact, right now I’m still tired. So I’m off to rest and hang out with the guys in my life.

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Bye for now my friends!


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