Thursday, May 24, 2012

decorating with words…

words are powerful

There is no doubt about it.

Words are incredibly powerful; they can inspire us with lofty ideals and motivate us to change our ways.  Words possess the sheer strength to lift us out of our doldrums and to shape our opinions, and when carefully selected, there are meditative words that can even transform our spiritual lives.

2 by sharyn cairns, stylist indianna foord for country styleau-dustjacketatticsharyn cairns; dustjacketattic.blogspot

Is it any surprise that typography has become such a trendy feature in home decorating today?

Personally, I love the look of printed words, letters and numbers when they’re used as art, but I also believe that when it comes to phases and quotes it’s good to be selective. After all, these are the words you’ll be seeing each day and for better or worse, these words will create an ambiance in your home (and in your head), so the message should be a positive one.


I recently found this black and white image in our local Home Goods store. The first thing I did was to pull it out into the store aisle where I stared at it for several minutes. I finally decided it was the kind of typography that I could live with everyday because the more I stared at it, the more I liked the simple, “feel-good” message. So tomorrow I’ll hang it in our master bedroom along with some other prints, and I’ll share the finished wall with you when it’s done.

In the meantime here are some examples that might inspire you to add beautiful looking words or letters to your home.








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Which one was your personal favorite?

And before you leave, here’s the latest quote that I’m quite fond of… just for YOU.


Think about it for a minute.

Do you like it?…




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