Monday, April 9, 2012

My fashion confession…(black and white)


This weekend we took a trip into the city and right now, I’ve got fashion on my mind. Being in San Francisco propels you into a world of vibrant colors and a kaleidoscope of interesting tastes. Trendy, bohemian, classic, everywhere you look there is bold and tasteful eye candy…


and great looking accessories and jewelry in the shop windows and on the streets.


Only I have to admit, that I even though I adore the dazzling colors of the rainbow, the truth is, I’m a lover of the color black and the color white.


And my eye is immediately drawn to a certain look. For myself. Don’t you love this outfit that Kate Moss is wearing?

summer classy side tumblr[1]

As I’ve gotten older, I feel my best in certain clothes. Do you notice this too?


I immediately recognize this style when I see it on others.


And when I go shopping, I keep filling my closet with white shirts…it’s crazy. Do you find yourself buying the same colors?


And even though I love to see others in pretty dresses, I never wear them.


Unless they are black.


Or maybe black and white.


Is this wrong? Am I a blatantly boring dresser? …But I think that it’s so important to feel comfortable in your own skin and not try to be somebody that you’re not.


Only, don’t misunderstand me, I DO love wearing small jolts of vibrant colors …

with the right outfit. And I have shades of red and blue and purple in my closet as well…

and I AM drawn to the musky, mysterious look of the vintage-bohemian. In fact, I just found this uber cool website with funky jewelry that I want to go shopping on called, Spool No. 72. Here it is if you’re interested.

rachel-bilson-preppy people_com[1]

But if you saw me on the street, this is probably what I would be wearing.


Because I guess, it’s the real me. Lots of black and white and jeans. With my favorite turquoise blue.


What about YOU?

How many words does it take to describe your own fashion style? I’d be interested to hear…because I absolutely love hearing your views and getting comments from you even more than I love a great piece of jewelry.

(Well, maybe not that much, tee-hee, but it’s close! )

Wishing you all a bold and colorful day!





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