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An Easter centerpiece you can easily do…


This is Jane’s Lovely Easter centerpiece.

Do you have a friend like Jane? She’s one of those gals who has a beautiful home (that’s always clean), she’s a great cook, a fun, creative person, and you could easily hate her if she wasn’t so darn kind and humble.

Unfortunately, Jane left California for North Carolina and we don’t see each other much. But she did send me a recent photo of her book club table setting with this adorable centerpiece.


Don’t you think this would be perfect for your Easter table? And according to Jane, you could do this, it’s very simple. This is what you need:

  • a clear glass for the flowers
  • bags of jellybeans
  • yellow marshmallow peeps
  • a glass trifle bowl OR, a large, glass bowl, preferably with a flat bottom.

Directions: In the center of the bowl, place the clear glass that is no higher than the bowl. Buy colorful tulips and add to the glass with water. In the large bowl add jelly beans and marshmallow peeps at the top. And that’s it!

Jane says you can change this centerpiece for different occasions, adding green and white jellybeans for St. Patrick’s Day, red, white and blue jellybeans for the Fourth of July or orange and black for Halloween. Very fun. Thank you Janie!

You can use the same idea with eggs.

p_101163063bhg_thumb7via BHG

In this BHG photo, colored eggs fill up the area surrounding the clear vase of flowers.

Bunny-on-Pedestal-standdiningdelight[1]via dining-delight.blogspot

And here’s an idea using a simple cake pedestal. Place the pedestal on a tray and stack dyed, colorful eggs on the tray and beneath the cake plate. Cover the top of the cake pedestal with your decoration of choice. The bunny here is a classic Easter look combined with the shredded grass and eggs.

Spring-Tablescapestonegable_thumb4via stone gable blog

Or you can skip the eggs completely and simply place a pretty ceramic bunny on top of some bright green moss. You can find moss at any crafts store. Surround your bunny with candles and pots of flowers and you have a pretty Easter centerpiece. I love the yellow gingham ribbon with the daffodils, don’t you?

I hope you enjoyed some of these ideas. And if you’d like to see more Easter inspiration for your table, click HERE. But whatever your Easter table ends up looking like… I hope your table is surrounded by warm, contented faces. And that in the middle of your day, you find a moment to stop and feel grateful for the blessings of family and good friends. And faith.

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Jeanne Henriques said...

Love Easter decorations!

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