Sunday, September 25, 2011

How to decorate your living room for Fall

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Welcome to my home. Recently I did a post on four tips for decorating your home for the Fall season, but at the time, I didn’t have my own home decorated. Since then, I’ve been hard at work (at least in some parts of my house) and I thought I’d show you how I used those four decorating tips in my own living room.

1. Adding rich golden hues, deep reds and shades of brown and rust to your décor helps  transform your home for the fall season. 

Nothing I did was expensive. You can choose wisely from last year’s decorations. I bought the pumpkin colored pillow (on my cream couch) for $12.99 from a local Ross store. It blended well with my burlap pillow and brown floral already on my couch. I also repeated this color with a candle under a glass dome and a vintage pumpkin placed on the coffee table.

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2. I added texture with pillows. Here a woven floral pillow (from my bedroom) is added to my Chartreuse green chair. I’ve decided that this color green goes with every season, I just love it.


3. I added fabrics to the room.

A wooly red throw on the couch.

And I purchased a silk-blend fabric remnant to throw over my burlap table skirt. The fabric was less than five dollars and I didn’t even sew it. No time. I simply cut it and pressed the edges with an iron. Then, for a finished look, I applied thin dots of hot glue to the pressed edges and it worked beautifully! And I love mixing  silk next to a rustic fabric.

4. Next, I decorated my mantel by mixing finishes. smooth silver, Rough terra cotta, and a textured oil canvas.

This is where you can get truly creative. This is my ‘before’ mantel after I removed my plants I had there from this summer. A blank slate.

DSC_0029 copy

I decided to move my oversized clock to another wall but I didn’t have a mirror that was big enough for this space. What to do? I took a vintage oil painting off another wall and moved it to the mantel. I crossed my fingers about the size of the painting, but it fit perfectly. Funny, but I’d never considered a painting in this spot before, see what happens when you’re trying to keep costs down, all of a sudden you discover new creative possibilities!


I originally found this painting for $5.00 in a thrift store. It’ true. To this day, it’s the best find I’ve made. But getting back to the mantel, I brought my little terra cotta pots over and placed small miniature pumpkins in them. Added some additional vintage books, tied pressed leaves ( from the yard) around the candles for color and texture, added berries, and voila!

DSC_0096 copy

I moved a plant.


I finally hung up an old chalkboard in a perfect spot…


And here it is. My Fall living room. I  can still add a basket of pumpkins or pinecones someplace. Place some candles in the fireplace. And a cowhide rug is on my “wish list” for this room, but for now, this is it.

Now wasn’t that simple? Tell me what you think…

My dining room is next. See you soon!



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ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...

I love everything about this room and your beautiful Fall mantel! LOVE that bunny painting!

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