Wednesday, February 29, 2012

White Kitchens I love…

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Hello friends. Today is a show-and-tell day. Are you planning a kitchen remodel sometime in the future? Well, if you’re like me, you like to collect pictures that you love, just in case….hopefully, someday? Anyway, here are some of my favorite photos at the moment.

Obviously, I love white kitchens with lots of windows… but who doesn’t? 

I like the mix of rustic wood in white kitchens. Isn’t this custom hood beautiful? And of course, you can’t forget the framed picture perched on the shelf.


I absolutely love the look of marble with white cabinets, but I'm aware that they stain. Are you struggling with the decision to use marble in your kitchen? Click on Cote de Texas, for some pros and cons of using this material in your kitchen. But If you already have marble, I would love to know what you think.





Do you like an island that looks like a piece of furniture?  This one would work well in a gallery kitchen.

These red knobs make such a statement…


Look at this rustic ceiling. I love it. And I think the black shades add a touch of chic with all the white.


The floors. The distressed finish on the cabinets. The beautiful woodwork. The backsplash. The color of the wood counters. The chandelier. Where do your eyes go?


I like the custom box behind the stove…a perfect place for storage.

Snap399[3]via cotedetexas

I like the contrast of the old beams and the stainless steel. And of course, look at these walls…

image_thumb[102]cotedetexasvia cotedetexas

In my next kitchen I want wood floors…

No upper - Country living


and I want a wall of windows….


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untitledvelvetandlinen2via velvetandlinen

And I want an island with storage….

untitledvelvetandlinenvia velvetandlinen


amyegdines_035_0via googleimage

Wow. So many decisions.

Luckily, I don’t have to decide anything today. But, I never get tired of looking at beautiful pictures…and dreaming!!

Bye for now.



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Monday, February 27, 2012

Loyola Guild invites you to Tables of Love- 2012


Last Saturday afternoon, I attended a lovely luncheon sponsored by the Loyola Guild of Jesuit High School in Carmichael, California. In case you don’t know, the Loyola Guild is a volunteer organization comprised solely of mothers who raise money to help fund scholarships for Jesuit High School.


This event is known as Tables of Love, and it’s traditionally a chance to spend time with those special females in our life that we value; mothers bring daughters and daughters bring mothers along with their sisters, and good friends chat together while they dine on their delicious lunch at the Del Paso Country Club. 

DSC_0456 copy

This year’s hosts were my dear friends and Alumni Representatives, Tracey Lundholm and Peggy Savant…


and they created a wonderfully warm and feminine atmosphere with their heart-shaped topiaries and the golden angels that reinforced this year’s theme,Treasuring Women, Angels in our Lives.”


The afternoon included small touches that made the guests feel special. Here, Peggy makes sure that the violinist is ready to serenade the guests.

DSC_0425 copy

In the large, wood-paneled entry, guests were immediately welcomed by the friendly faces of Mary Dickson and Patrice LaBine who were in charge of greeting guests and directing them to their tables.


On everyone’s seat, was a Cabi booklet filled with information about the clothing that would be modeled during our lunch. Cabi sales consultant Laurie Laux, was present to answer any questions.


Besides the fashion show, shoppers were also treated to lovely items from Mona Mia Gifts and Gem Star Jewelry that were beautifully displayed on tables.


But the highlight of the event was the guest speaker, Michele Steeb, the CEO of St.John’s Shelter, who began to speak as we finished our lunch.


Not only did Michele share touching stories from her work at the homeless shelter for women and children, but she brought along two women Rebecca and Marva, who were graduates of her innovative program. As guests listened to their heart-wrenching struggles, I couldn’t help but notice the expressions of awe and sadness on so many faces. It became obvious, that despite the vast differences in background and experiences that might have been at this large gathering, there were powerful emotions that connected us.


Heartache, worry for our children, bad decisions, poverty, drug addiction. As women and mothers, there were pieces of these life experiences that we could all relate to, but one of the most moving aspects of Rebecca and Marva’s stories had to do with the healing message that changed their lives. It was the consistent, compassionate idea that they received from St. John’s Shelter that kept them moving forward despite the enormous odds. The message?

You are so much more than your past.

When these women were at their lowest point, it ended up being the non-judgmental support from women helping other women, that made them believe in themselves. You deserve better. You are so much more than your past.

It was that simple.


Funny how such a warm, chatty luncheon could leave you with such a meaningful lesson. But in the midst of all the light banter, we were reminded that we all have the power to be such wonderful mirrors for each other, and to reflect back to our friends their value and their special qualities, especially in their moments of darkness.

We were also reminded of the blindness of judgment. Because the truth is, when we’re busy judging others, we are blinded from seeing all those common aches and pains and human flaws that unite us…

…and make us into more compassionate and loving friends.

Don’t you agree?


tell me your thoughts. Email me or leave a comment below, I’d love to hear from you…

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Friday, February 24, 2012

Letting Go of our kids

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Hello friends, this past week was packed with lots of obligations and unfortunately, my blog time has suffered. I blinked and suddenly it’s Friday. And I’m left wondering where all those days went. Do you ever feel this way?

Anyway, it’s good to be back. And today I thought I’d share a few things I learned last weekend about this enormous Letting Go stage that I’m experiencing with my boys. Maybe you can relate. I’m talking about the on-going experience of loving and letting go, of stepping back from our kids and letting them grow, and then dealing with those tender, residual feelings that belong to us.

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Last weekend Patrick came home for a quick visit. In fact, his time with us already seems like a blurry flash of my camera, a sudden burst of bright light that has already disappeared among our busy days.

But it left me feeling humbled. Because no matter how well I’ve adapted to Patrick’s absence and how busy and full my life is, saying good-bye to my child is still hard. It leaves me feeling blue and it makes me aware that Letting Go happens in waves. And there is a natural ebb and flow to my feelings.


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When he comes home again, it reminds me how much I miss hearing his laughter in the next room, and how much I miss talking to him whenever I want, but instead of that sharp, breathless ache I felt when we dropped him off at school, now there is only a soft echo of sadness. I feel it immediately after he leaves when I glance at his empty bedroom. But it’s getting easier.

Saying good-bye to my nineteen year old son will never feel completely right, but mostly because it reminds me that he doesn’t live at home anymore. After all, isn’t that what good-byes really do? Good-byes are like glaring headlights that illuminate the fact that we live in different places.



I think this is the reason why sending one’s teenager off to college is so emotional. it’s the craziness of needing a map to find your child. Personally, having miles of physical distance between myself and my son is still a bizarre reality to deal with; and it’s the part of the-letting-go- experience that goes against every maternal impulse that I have, only somehow, it’s become our new normal.

Because I’m learning that Letting Go means acknowledging that nothing ever stays the same.


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And although I feel those twinges of sadness when I send Patrick back to school again, I’m also aware that I have sunny, buoyant feelings about his departure. I get excited when I hear the happiness in his voice and listen to the exuberant details of his new life as a college student. And I’m captivated by this new stage of his life. And our family’s life.

Maybe that’s the startling, unforeseen part of Letting Go that I’m realizing; it’s the sheer joy that happens when I stand back and witness my sons growing, adapting, and expanding before my eyes.



Oh, and there’s one more thing I’ve learned. When I’m letting go of someone I love, being grateful really helps.


Can you relate to this post? Have you had the college experience yet? Tell me what you’ve learned about Letting Go … I’d love to hear you thoughts.

thank you dear friends for stopping by!



Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Adding a touch of blue to your surroundings


Hello friends, lately I’ve had the color blue on my mind because I’m planning a luncheon with blue in the color scheme. So of course, here I am sharing some pretty blue photos with you…

anna spiro - flowers at mums - 1via absolutelybeautifulthings

I love blue and white ginger jars like these, don’t you?

124623114658164261_SJmDQ1oi_cnicolejohnstonvia nicolejohnstonpinterest

What a cheerful looking home. Would you have put a striped rug next to such a bold color? But I love it!

image_thumb16via googleimage

Ginger jars on top of a rustic wood table look beautiful.

kitchen-decor-dmagvia googleimages



Do you have touches of blue in your home?

Screen-shot-2012-01-25-at-3_20_49-PMvia googleimages

Blue and red look gorgeous in this bedroom. And wow, what a chandelier. I’m noticing how lovely gold looks when it’s paired with blue.


This retro looking chair looks fun next to this gold coffee cup. Somebody very artistic belongs in this office.


I love the art work and the blue hues in this room. More golden tones with blue.


I have one of these marked up, wooden boxes someplace. But who would’ve thought?


How pretty.

blueandwhitetablevia googleimages

I want this tablecloth…



And more ginger jars…

DSC_0420 copy

Do you like my latest thrift store purchase?


It was a steal at $5.99, don’t you think?


Tomorrow  I’ll share a few thoughts with you about my recent “blue” mood….

What color is your mood today?

Thanks for stopping by.



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