Tuesday, October 20, 2020

My blogging decision

Hello friends.

How is your October going?
I don't usually say much about the topic of blogging here, but for some months now I've been having to face the question of what is going to happen to my Gwen Moss blog. And I thought I would share this with you. 

I hate to bore you with my blogging problems but I've been having issues on the Blogger platform for a long time now. Lots of little things with font sizes and photos, but the latest technical glitch that really bothers me is that I can no longer respond to my comments or if I can, it's very sporadic. 

I can't tell you how bad I feel when I read my comments and write my response and then when I go hit publish it doesn't show up. From my IPhone or laptop.

Another more serious problem has to do with the fact that for some bizarre reason, I can no longer publish my posts on Facebook because FB won't accept my blog URL address, 


Crazy, right?  But wait.  Here's where it gets comical. Do you know what happens when I try to publish my blog on Facebook? 

I get a message telling me that my content doesn't comply with community standards. Yes, friends. 
Somehow all those angry, crazed conspiracy theorists spreading lies and promoting violence have a voice on FB but Gwen Moss? She's too radical. 

Anyway. Please know I'm chuckling as I write this. I haven't lost my sense of humor, thank goodness. 

But if you're wondering. That's why you don't see my latest posts on Facebook anymore. And honestly, I don't know how people get to my blog anymore because Instagram blocks my blog address too, which prevents me from putting my latest blog post in my IG profile.

In case you're wondering what my options are, there really is no solution when it involves getting a response from Facebook. I've tried. And I've gotten similar feedback: don't hold your breath.

And so I've had to ask myself, what happens when you keep running into closed doors?

At this point, it's looking like I'm going to have to retire my blog name and address. I've been blogging here for more than ten years and to say that I'm overwhelmed with love and gratitude for all you, is an understatement. I can't imagine this ending. 

Whatever I do I will keep you posted and in the meantime please know that your comments left on my blog are vital part of Gwen Moss. The wisdom of your comments enlighten and lift up --not only me--but every reader who visits here. If you ever need to get a direct response to something you've shared, you can always email me at:

Sending love and abundant blessings,


Thursday, October 8, 2020

Rustic Fall Tablescape

Hello there friends.

Today I'm joining Cindy and Mary Ann along with some talented blogger friends to give you some ideas for your next fall-inspired table.

I'm so happy to be included because I really enjoy playing around with flowers and putting together a pretty table. And you know me. I'm a big believer that if I can do something, you can too, so today I thought I would share some basic ideas behind my fall table.

The Charm of Rustic

For this project I decided to use my actual work table--the one I use for my table saw with all it's old paint stains and nicks. I even decided to skip placemats to show off all that rough wood grain.

For me, using a rugged aged table as a backdrop for the earthy colors of fall is a way to create a friendly, laid-back vibe. And that's how I want my guests to feel when they come to my home, completely comfortable and at ease. 

fireplace in-progress

My decision to set my table outside was also inspired by our new outdoor fireplace that my Dad helped us build on his last visit. And I promise to do an entire blog post on this fireplace, but today you'll get to see it (mostly )in the background.

Creating a fall table: 4 simple ideas
1. Find your inspiration

This is the first thing that I did when I got an email from Cindy inviting me to put together a fall table for this project. Before I rushed out and selected any flowers. Before I pulled out any dishes or stemware---before I did anything.

I had to get my creative juices flowing and that comes from being inspired.

When it comes to finding your inspiration for your table--it can be a smallest thing. A  set of napkins you found on sale. A piece of fruit. A collection of leaves you gathered on a walk. Or in my case, my  location.

Since my backyard is filled with hot pink bougainvillea and since I already had a burnt-orange linen runner, I decided to go bold with high contrast colors of orange and pink for the color scheme. 

Nothing muted or sedate about these colors.

Starting with an inspiration piece will provide your color scheme and from there----you can set a casual or elegant tone by the pieces--dishware and accessories-- you choose for your table.

2. Use what you have.

This is for all of you who don't have seasonal dinnerware or expensive stemware. It's great if you're a collector and you have classic china patterns etched with berries or autumn colored stoneware. But it's ok if you don't. When setting a fall table there's so much charm that comes with the simple beauty of plain white dinner plates and then accessorizing with nature.

I clipped olive leaves from my tree for the center of my table and added a few bittersweet branches with berries that I tucked around the flowers. I also happen to be someone who washes and saves my lemon curd jars (so yummy with Greek yogurt) that are perfect for votive candles and flowers, and help add layers to your table.

For this table instead of taper candles which tend to obstruct the view in real life, I tied jute string around pillar candles.

3. Shop the vegetable section of your grocery 

Golden-hued pears. Shiny red pomegranates. Garnet-colored figs or pink pumpkins. Whether you use them in your centerpiece or in lieu of a place card or just for colored texture between your votive candles, don't forget the rich colors that can inspire you from the produce section of your local market.

4. Simple is good

 I've been purging a lot of stuff lately and that includes all my colored stemware. These blue stem wine glasses are my only colored glassware now and to be honest, I tend to prefer stem-less wine glasses anyway. I just like the ease of them. 

I mostly use white dinner plates when entertaining too. I do have Christmas and Thanksgiving dishes packed away but as you can imagine, holidays are hard to think about now. 

For this table I used my navy blue salad plates along with these blue stem glasses to balance all the warm colors. I always prefer to use crystal goblets for water with slices of fruit. I think I got the plates at HomeGoods. The gold matte silverware is from Target and I love how the matte finish looks on the table. Stuff I had already.

Because I recently got rid of my old outdoor chairs, I'm using my leather dining room chairs outside. I also brought out this bench from the hallway and topped it with a miniature faux animal rug.

Well friends, I sure hope I gave you a few ideas you can use. And now you have to check out the gorgeous tablescapes from my talented friends. I know I'm excited to see what they've been up to.

Thank you so much for stopping by,

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