Thursday, September 15, 2011

Four tips for Fall decorating…


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Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the autumn tree.

Emily Bronte

I absolutely love Fall. I love everything about it. The colors, the smells, the recipes!

When the temperatures begin to drop, I consider it an invitation to make our home feel warmer. Here are four tips to get you thinking about welcoming the natural beauty of autumn into your home. And some lovely photos to get you inspired.

Tip One: Begin by adding pops of warm, vibrant colors. Unsure about the colors? Simply go for a walk and look around. Use nature as your guide: the golden hues of fallen leaves, the shades of a burnt, orange sunset, and the rich brown colors of a coarse old tree trunk.

Front Door Ideas


  Do you see those caramel apples? Looks like they’re ready for me.

pumpkin-wreath-on-door-x southernliving

The black door is a perfect backdrop for the orange and red hues. But this dog makes this photo my absolute favorite.

hay goolge

What a clever way to take advantage of all that glass on the front door. I don’t see double wreaths very often, do you?


I appreciate how simple this concept is. Pumpkins stacked on moss. Love it.


The repetition of orange mums makes this a dramatic entrance. And simple white pumpkins are all that’s needed.


You can add touches of gold into your pumpkin display…


Photos: BHG, Country Living, Google Images, Southern Living

Or you can go for the drama of a gilded front door welcome.

Tip Two: Mix up your finishes. Combine metals and wood finishes together. And be daring. Adding simple rustic pieces with modern pieces creates a comfy, eclectic look. Consider placing an old landscape picture with it’s rich colors on your mantel, and arrange layers around it with branches, old frames, fall foliage and candles. Remember to stack items. What if you don’t have a picture that will fit? Use a mirror instead.



display_artwork_lr4liPhoto: Google Images

And of course, you can’t forget those pumpkins…

Tip Three: Add Texture. Here are some easy examples.

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  • Place baskets, wood crates, wooden bowls and pottery pieces around your home. These are easy to fill with red apples, pumpkins, gourds, or pinecones.
  • Try adding black shades to your chandelier.
  • And small berry rings around your chandelier arms.
  • Add fillers to your hurricane lamps with nuts, or candy corn.

Natural Autumn Decor 3 pink roses and teacups

Photo: pink roses and teacups





Photo: Pottery Barn, Country Living, décor pad

Tip Four: Add Fabrics

This is the season to bring out those soft, luxurious fabrics that feel wonderful to touch. Velvets, fur, knitted, and woolen fabrics are just some that add warmth and comfort. And where do you add them?

  • Toss a jewel colored throw on your favorite reading chair.
  • Add a vintage paisley shawl to your buffet and create a lovely vignette by adding old books, silver pieces and a small lamp.
  • Replace your pillows with earthy-colored ones. Paisley and brocade pillows add rich warmth.





Photos: Google Images, Pottery Barn, BHG

Hmm…Now where do I start?


Happy Decorating!


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