Monday, September 19, 2011

Fall front door wreaths, which style are you?



Have you decided how to spruce up your front door for this Fall?  It’s time to start pulling out those boxes of  fall decorations and figure out what you can use. But are you tired of last year’s old wreath? Here are a few that might fit your mood. What do you think?

In the photo above pumpkins and gourds are wired on a wreath for an authentic harvest theme.


Fresh fruit against a rich wood door looks casual and friendly.


I love the chipped old patina on this door. This simple grapevine wreath is dressed up with the elegant ribbon and silk leaves, and it looks lovely when contrasted with the rustic door.


If you’re a fan of dried flowers this might be the wreath for you.


And this unique wreath made up of corks and simple dried berries looks wonderful against this shade of blue on the door. I imagine drinking a glass of hearty red wine with French bread and cheese at this home.


Are you in the mood for the simple, elegant shades of bronze in this wreath? I envision silver candlesticks on a damask tablecloth at this house.


And what about this gilded wreath for a chic, formal welcome at your front entrance? This wreath is easily created with cans of shimmery silver and bronze spray paint.

But wait. You don’t have to start over. You can keep last year’s wreath and update it with a different ribbon. This is my old wreath. I found some ribbon that works better with the color theme inside my home this year.


Do you want to change your ribbon?


Simply turn your wreath over and find out where the ribbon is tied.

DSC_0067 copy

I removed it and made a new bow. Here’s the wreath with the new ribbon. I placed it in my dining room which I’ll show you soon. Just a few more things to add.


Oh, and here’s my inspiration for my new front door arrangement. I found this basket at the thrift store (see my latest purchases above) for a great price and I decided to create something different this year. No wreath. I’ll show you my new front door arrangement with some simple directions shortly.

To be continued….

Hey, I hope these ideas help motivate you to start your own Fall decorating. Thanks so much for stopping by!






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Adriane-Pages from Home said...

I am still looking for my fall wreath! Thanks for sharing these fun styles, I am your newest follower, hopefully you can swing by sometime!

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