Saturday, September 3, 2011

Dinner party ideas- for a South-of-the-Border theme

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Don’t you just love a party with a fiesta theme?  Who can resist ice-cold Margaritas and homemade chips and salsa?

The other evening we had family over to celebrate Jim’s birthday, which gave me a chance to create a fun, bright- colored table for our guests. Here are some ideas you might use for your next south-of-the-border dinner party.

First of all, I like making special invitations. I truly believe invitations set the tone for your event and plus, they’re just so darn nice to receive.


Here’s an invitation I did for a surprise fiesta party using a wood piece sold at Michael’s Crafts Store. It was already painted and I simply added a strip of hot glue around the rim of the glass, and dipped it in kosher salt (front). Then, I printed out the party details which got glued on black paper and placed on the back side. I added a little message by creating a beaded wine tag.

This is how I put the table together:


I used the only white tablecloth I had on hand, slightly on the short side, but it would have to do.


Then I bought a vibrant blue remnant at Hancock Fabrics @ $4.00 a yard (I used one and a half yards). It was already cut into a square, which I placed on the table at a diagonal. Then I picked a multi-colored fabric that  coordinated with the colors of my dinner plates and arranged it under the candles. I only needed one and a quarter yards of this fiesta-looking fabric, and with a discount coupon I paid four bucks.


And remember those red and yellow tissue pom-poms from our graduation party? I tied a few to my chandelier with fishing wire and added a hot pink and blue one to get the fiesta colors in there. These are very easy to make and directions are also at my graduation party post.

Two easy-to-make place cards for your south-of-the-border dinner party


This is the simplest one. I bought this 2 fluid oz. bottle of Tabasco sauce at Wal-Mart for $1.34, but you can also find these at the dollar store. Write each guest’s name with a cute message on one of the Avery tags below. Tie it over the bottle and you’re done! I found this package of Avery tags (100 for $1.68) during my shopping trip to Wal-Mart. I also found the cute miniature clothespins there. ($1.88 for a dozen)


Depending on your budget and the number of guests you have, you could consider this second option.


I bought the cactus for $2.75 at Wal-Mart.  I stuck the cactus into a small terra cotta pot from Michaels Crafts Store. I used some red and yellow cardstock I had on hand. I picked a cute font, printed the name on yellow cardstock, and with a glue stick attached it to a piece of red cardstock for the front of the pot. A miniature clothespin holds it to the pot.

DSC_0947 copy

These are the items I used for this table:

Dinnerware: Pier 1

Napkin rings: Pier 1

Red napkins (my Christmas napkins)

Yellow stemware (my Thanksgiving glasses)

Hurricanes, candles and fake flowers: mine

Pom-Pom tissue balls: recycled from grad party; made two additional colors @ 99 cents each

Place cards: homemade


The Menu:

Homemade chicken enchiladas

Refried beans

Pork chili (with green chili sauce)


Flour tortillas

Homemade chips and salsa

Icy Margaritas, of course

…And after all this? Take a deep breath, be in the moment and relish your time with your guests!

You deserve it.



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mary d said...

I love the table decorations!
Mary D

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