Thursday, September 20, 2012

my white painted floors: an update


Well, I’m still at it folks. In-between working and family life I’m still focused on getting my office floor painted white. And I’m happy to say I am making progress so I thought I’d give you an update. First, an apology. If you’ve left a comment and haven’t heard back from me it’s only because my computer has been disconnected and moved around right now. I can’t wait to catch up on my blogging world.

And now. Do you remember my cluttered gray office I started with? This is what it looked like when it was almost emptied.


In this last POST I told you about the deglosser product I used and the gripper sealer/primer that followed. This is a photo after the coat of gripper. Now I wish I would have done a second thick coat instead of simply touching up certain areas.

I painted the walls with Behr’s Decorater White. It’s a warm white shade that I really like.


I decided to leave my lighting fixture alone. Right now I like the weighty feeling over my head. And I can always paint this later if it bugs me. 


Plus the lighting fixture coordinates with the curtain rod.


This is the product that I used on the floor. I went with a satin finish after reading how the glossier the finish, the more it exposes every speck of dirt. 


I had a hard time with this one, I love the glossy look in photos like this one.


But I also like the rustic looking, flat paint finish here.

I still may top it off with a clear coat, I need to do some more homework. What do you think?

I’m told that porch paint needs to dry for 24 hours in-between coats. So I’m waiting to add another coat right now.


But here’s a peek, and I’m loving it so far. Although I’m going to have to go out and buy one of those swifter sweepers for this floor. I already know that.


And of course… one project always seems to lead to another. Once I got my Pottery Barn desk unit outside I suddenly saw all the nicks and discolorations, and yikes, it looked grubby. So I got online HERE and HERE and found out you could paint laminate wood. So right now I’m touching up my desk furniture too.


If you open my front door this is the first thing you’ll see. A partially painted file cabinet. And me, with paint specks all over my body.


And my half-finished white painted floor. Stay tuned for more…

How about you? What’s going on in your life?

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Unknown said...

THis is going to be so gorgeous!
Get those shoes off!!! Hope you're not painting in them, lol

Janet said...

Very daring Leslie:)) Can't wait to see the finished product!!! Sounds like you are keeping busy during your transition of being an empty nester:)) Glad to see it!!! It's been awhile since my girls have been gone but I will say that life can begin anew!!! I went back to school got my degree and now am focused on getting a job...most of my friends are looking forward to retirement...but I would never of wanted to trade places...I like that I stayed at home for,my children and can still look forward to a fulfilling career:)) good luck on your project and will enjoy seeing it unfold...

Daniela @Frugal Aint Cheap said...

lovely floor! I am falling in love with painted floors!

Ladies Holiday said...

Outstanding! Oh and I love your shoes!

Christina at I Gotta Create! said...

It's going to be great either way!!!
Wanna come do mine when you're done?! Lol!
Thanks so much for linking up at I Gotta Create! <3 Christina

momto8 said...

good for you! just beautiful. have fun!!

Debra@CommonGround said...

oh my gosh, these floors are fabulous!! you're very brave!

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