Monday, September 10, 2012

Fall in love with….pecan pie bars


Can you feel it yet?



Autumn is almost here.

Even though we’re still enjoying lots of hot, sunny days here in the Northern California Valley, the faint scent of Fall has arrived. I sense it in the cooler mornings and I’m so excited for the change of seasons.

Today I have a perfect little dessert for the Fall: Pecan Pie Bars. Click HERE for recipe.


A few weeks ago Kristin from Domestically Unemployed mentioned these bars on her blog and the photo looked so yummy. In case you don’t know, Kristin has a lovely, uplifting blog where she shares her creative projects and photography.


The recipe was pretty simple. I used my food processor to blend the crust together.


I pressed the crust into a pan lined with tin foil, something I wouldn’t do again. I didn’t like how the bars ended up sticking to the foil when it was done.  I’ll do something different.


After you bake the crust…

DSC_1046copy add the topping and put it into the oven again…


and when it’s done, it looks like this. I wish you could’ve smelled this when it was fresh out of the oven.


I sliced the bars a tad too soon…it hadn’t set completely, but no one cared.

Honestly, there are times when Patience is seriously over-rated.

(Like when you’re staring at a warm, delicious dessert)


Happy Monday!



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Anita at Cedar Hill said...

OH those looks so delicious.

Ladies Holiday said...

oh i bet they smell as amazing as they taste. and i'm with you the change of season, i think i've been baking everyday for a week!

Kristin said...

Wow, yours look so much better than mine did! Thank you for sharing your recipe. Fall puts me on a pecan kick!

Jaybird said...

The non stick foil works really well for these. I have a little trouble finding it in my town, but it works GREAT!!

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