Saturday, January 7, 2012

My Red and White and Black Christmas Dining Room

DSC_1143 copy

Well, the holiday season is officially over but I wanted to keep my promise. I said I would show you a few photos of my Christmas dining room and I finally organized those pictures today. I know… look at the date, it’s a little late, but I’ve noticed that readers are still searching my blog for Christmas images so here’s a few more.

This year I had a red and white and black dining room. The colors were inspired by my taffeta plaid table runner. As you can see in the photo above, I used red glasses, red chargers and bright red napkins.

Now Here are my Touches of black…


Music Sheet Placemats

I found an old book of Broadway music sheets (yes, that’s the price, $1.98) in a pile at a thrift store, and I used these wonderfully sepia looking sheets for my placemats. I simply pulled each sheet out from the book, perfectly intact, and laid them with rough edges together under the charger. I only needed two sheets per setting.

DSC_1141 copy

Here’s a close-up shot of my place setting over my music sheet placemats. I fell in love with these music sheets, especially their antique-parchment-looking color and I’m already thinking of other ways to use them.


Black and White Toile

For the dining room, I incorporated the color of black in a couple ways. I added two long pieces of black and white toile fabric to my windows by cutting two strips off a roll of fabric. Then I simply tied each piece of fabric to my curtain rod (on both sides) leaving a big loose knot on top and I let each one puddle on the floor. No sewing needed!

Black Chandelier Shades

Each Christmas, I also bring out my black chandelier shades with their little ball trim.

DSC_1124 copy

Black ribbon

I tied a little black velvet ribbon around each vase.


And I added garland and the same taffeta plaid over the curtain rod and large mirror for added color.


Glittered pinecones, iridescent snow and white carnations made a simple centerpiece.


Sigh, well that’s it for the Christmas photos, at least for now.

Now, what do I do with all these boxes of Christmas stuff? Seriously, I think it’s time for me to get rid of some clutter. Only where do I start, let’s see….there’s my overflowing attic, my office paperwork, and my Master closet. Hmm…

Are you in the process of reorganizing some of your rooms? Better Homes and Garden has some tips right HERE. Check them out, I hope they inspire you.

Bye for now!


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Unknown said...

Very pretty! The colours are great together and the pops of green are perfect.

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