Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Is it time to spruce up your makeup area?


How do I love me? Let me count the ways… As Valentine’s Day approaches I thought it would be a novel idea to think about ways to show ourselves a little love, don’t you think? After all, we’re always so busy taking care of everyone else, that it’s easy to put ourselves on hold.  But what’s a sweet-little-something you can do for yourself? How about sprucing up one of your little personal spaces?

Recently I came across this sweet looking photo of a women’s vanity, which looks nothing like the spot where I put on my make-up. And it got me wondering …

Where is your favorite spot to put on your makeup?

annamonetterobertsPhoto: Casa Sugar

Personally, I love this picture; it’s so light and airy and a tad funky with the empty frames hanging against the pale blue walls, only it made me realize that I really deserve a nicer makeup area, especially since my favorite place to put on my make-up happens to be at my office desk, right next to the window where all the gorgeous natural light comes shining though, and yes, right next to my computer screen.

My bathroom vanity? Not my spot.

Why should you decorate this personal space?

Well, it seems that average woman spends twenty minutes a day putting on her make-up, and while that doesn’t sound like a head-turning statistic,  it does add up to a whooping 330 days of make-up time over a typical lifetime. (Yes, somebody actually spent time calculating this fact)  And what’s the point? Well, that’s a lot of precious time to be stuck in a bland, uninspiring space, don’t you think?

By the way, if you’re interested to read more about this British poll, along with the Seven Make-up Practices Men Hate, you can click on this Beauty Spot link .

In the meantime, even if you’re not a fan of wearing a lot of make-up, and I’m not, it’s still nice to give yourself a peaceful, pretty setting to sit in while you apply your moisturizer and lipstick.


How about you? Where is your favorite spot to put on makeup? Are you lucky enough to have a beautiful vanity that’s pristine and organized? How about these marble counters? I think this is my favorite vanity area!

kleinberg-7-deHouse Beautiful

Do you prefer to stand while you put on your mascara?


…Or do you have a place to put your cup of java while you dig through your makeup kit?


Do you have a small mirror with a magnified side that works well for you?

Google Image

Or do you sit in front of a large, elegant looking mirror?

Martha stewart Vanity casa sugar

Does your favorite spot resemble this fresh, country looking table in this Martha Stewart photo?

Master-Bedroom-BeautyCasa Sugar

Or do you prefer a more sophisticated, high glamour area?

250231323015390667_NlngGv5Q_fGoogle Image

Are you one of those women who keeps all your jewelry organized and easily accessible, or do you find yourself always searching for that one misplaced earring, like me?

frametrayby realsimplephoto:Real Simple

Do you use any interesting pieces like this vintage frame, to add personality to your make-up area? Here a gilt frame was laid flat and a piece of fabric (or paper) was inserted to make a unique vanity tray. For more organizing tips click here.

photo: Sarah Richardson

How about this idea? In this photo, a small table is used. Favorite photos have been slipped under the glass to add a little charm to the space, while a simple etched glass holds the makeup brushes.

hbx-schultz-makeover-mirror-vanity-0311-de-24553966housebeautifulphoto:House Beautiful

In this photo pictures have been cut-out of a calendar and slipped under the glass to carry on the same decorating/color theme in the bedroom.


Do you like to have your beauty items displayed openly? You might consider the tiered approach.


This clear IKEA compartment box can help you organize your items inside your drawer. I need one of these!

Well, I hope you liked this lovely photos. And remember, if these spaces seem a tad unrealistic right now, how about starting with a good light, splurging on a nice mirror, and pulling up a comfy chair from another room? And pop this quote into a small frame:


“The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen.”
Elisabeth Kübler-Ross


Always strive for inner beauty. Thank you for visiting me today…


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