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Decorating fun with vintage suitcases


luggage-1Photo: Google Images

There’s nothing that screams history and intrigue more than a vintage suitcase. Just think. Each piece of luggage has a story that we’ll never know; a dapper owner who once grabbed the handle and made a mad dash to catch a plane, maybe on his way to pop the question to the woman he loved. Or an owner, who ran excitedly through a train station with her suitcase swinging on her arm, filled with hope as she headed for the big city.

When I see a worn, leather trunk, I think about stiff white shirts, dinner jackets with the whiff of cigar smell, and a bundle of love letters that are wrapped in twine and hidden beneath a woman’s silk stockings.


And of course. Who can forget all those romantic farewells that each old suitcase has witnessed in their heyday? Oh, if only they could talk.

Now after all this, how can you NOT find a place in your design plan for a vintage suitcase?


You can stack them next to a bed for an eclectic look…


or paint them for a clean, country look..


or place them into a traditional setting.

RL_homePhoto: Ralph Lauren Home

Here, a mammoth-sized trunk is perfect in a relaxed setting. Don’t you just want to put-your-feet-on-it, lean back and read the newspaper?

imagesCAL902576a00e552ec1b3d883401348745735d970c-500withelocker_typepad1Photos: Google Images

You can stack them for dramatic effect and place them in a spot that’s typically ignored.

sarahklassen_com-luggagePhoto: 6th Street Design School

And smaller suitcases can be stacked and labeled for accessible storage. Here they are on top of a chest.

counter-table-storage-baskets-suitcases-gray-weathered-country-flea-market-style-decorating-white-vintage-ecelctic-home-decor-ideas-skc3b6naPhoto: Country Living

And here they’re placed inside rustic looking shelves, adding a pop of texture and personality to this white setting.

vintage-smogshoppe-wedding19-ruffledblog MaddyCakesMusePhoto: MaddyCakesMuse

A suitcase can be decorated and used at a baby shower, or party to collect cards and gifts..

01storage apartment therapyPhoto: Apartment Therapy

And used for organizing your crafts, office, or gift wrap items.


In this photo, a small suitcase is used to present snacks at an airplane-themed party. This party idea would also work at a bon voyage party. For more pictures from this airplane party you can check out the Armelle blog.


And finally, I saved the best for last.

What happens if your love story began on a simple plane ride? One couple used their personal story to inspire their beautiful wedding shown here, at the St. Regis Monarch Beach. As you can see, vintage suitcases were part of the centerpieces, and small travel items were on the table.



But these photos are only the beginning. For more amazing wedding ideas on how to personalize this important day, you have to check out the website of floral-botanical designer Krista Jon. I just stumbled on it and my mouth is still open. See more gorgeous photos HERE.

Now, tell me what you think. Which idea did you like?  You can email me at or leave your comments right here.

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mary d said...

I love using the suitcases as centerpieces and stacking them for end tables.

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