Friday, August 12, 2011

Happiness is an old fashioned bon voyage party


Do you know somebody who is relocating? It’s obviously on my mind these days and it sounds like a wonderful excuse for a party,  don’t you think? Here are some pictures for inspiration.

szentjulymwexpressbonvoyagecardsmallPhoto: Google Image

An invitation sets the tone. You could also incorporate color copies of a map showing the new location on your invitation….

imagesCAFZUYM4Photo: weheartit    

Or use an old photo with simple buttons and fabric.

34849820_T6tNJeDY_c sharon o'neill kornfieldPhoto: sharon o’neil kornfield

I love sprucing up old fashioned crepe paper. It’s cheap and colorful and so happy looking!

paper-party-garland-600x400 occasions magazine

IMG_8919-1308059113-O-600x900 occasions magazinePhotos: occasions magazine

Or, you could use balloon garlands…

272735_PyHPJtYI_b poppy glitterPhoto: poppy glitter

Here’s a simple garland using vintage postcards. You could use postcards with your party theme, maybe images of the new city? Or you could buy a bunch of postcards and have guests write messages on them. Later you can send these to the guest of honor at the new place.

Vintage-Postcard-Garland-500x335 james moesPhoto: James Moes

This is a cute idea. Incorporating a vintage typewriter for guests to add their personal wishes. Placing these in an album with photos from the party would be a sweet gift.

vintage-barn-wedding28Photo: Google Image

You could set a colorful table outside if weather permits. Bright ribbons are used to tie the silverware and  mismatched placemats and lots of pillows create an old fashioned, comfy look.

colorful-tabletop1 celebrations at homePhoto: celebrations at home

And don’t forget the food. What about these ideas for an outdoor party?

6825967_LA4dAIaY_c tyjuana hill-smithPhoto: tyjuana hill-smith

7716262_t6aGBIvF_c marthastewartPhoto: marthastewartweddings

53108771_evZ7uTbB_c megan essPhoto: Megan Ess

And don’t forget to decorate with pictures. Here’s one idea if your setting is outside, plus, the guest of honor can take the pictures to their new home.

52280603_UER4oEUa_b maggie karlPhoto: maggie karl

Now, if only I had the time….

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