Tuesday, October 20, 2020

My blogging decision

Hello friends.

How is your October going?
I don't usually say much about the topic of blogging here, but for some months now I've been having to face the question of what is going to happen to my Gwen Moss blog. And I thought I would share this with you. 

I hate to bore you with my blogging problems but I've been having issues on the Blogger platform for a long time now. Lots of little things with font sizes and photos, but the latest technical glitch that really bothers me is that I can no longer respond to my comments or if I can, it's very sporadic. 

I can't tell you how bad I feel when I read my comments and write my response and then when I go hit publish it doesn't show up. From my IPhone or laptop.

Another more serious problem has to do with the fact that for some bizarre reason, I can no longer publish my posts on Facebook because FB won't accept my blog URL address, 


Crazy, right?  But wait.  Here's where it gets comical. Do you know what happens when I try to publish my blog on Facebook? 

I get a message telling me that my content doesn't comply with community standards. Yes, friends. 
Somehow all those angry, crazed conspiracy theorists spreading lies and promoting violence have a voice on FB but Gwen Moss? She's too radical. 

Anyway. Please know I'm chuckling as I write this. I haven't lost my sense of humor, thank goodness. 

But if you're wondering. That's why you don't see my latest posts on Facebook anymore. And honestly, I don't know how people get to my blog anymore because Instagram blocks my blog address too, which prevents me from putting my latest blog post in my IG profile.

In case you're wondering what my options are, there really is no solution when it involves getting a response from Facebook. I've tried. And I've gotten similar feedback: don't hold your breath.

And so I've had to ask myself, what happens when you keep running into closed doors?

At this point, it's looking like I'm going to have to retire my blog name and address. I've been blogging here for more than ten years and to say that I'm overwhelmed with love and gratitude for all you, is an understatement. I can't imagine this ending. 

Whatever I do I will keep you posted and in the meantime please know that your comments left on my blog are vital part of Gwen Moss. The wisdom of your comments enlighten and lift up --not only me--but every reader who visits here. If you ever need to get a direct response to something you've shared, you can always email me at:

Sending love and abundant blessings,



Debra@CommonGround said...

Hi Leslie, I haven't liked the "upgrades" that Blogger has done, but I guess many of us feel the same way. I just happened to read a comment from someone the other day on a blogger blog and it was said people that still only have a "" blog are the ones that are having more problems. If you decide to stay, just buy a domain name so you will be a "dot com" blog instead of a "" blog. I think it's less than 20 dollars a year, and then you can also get the security. I got mine from GoDaddy probably about 6 years ago. You might check into it. Hope you're doing well, and I always look forward to your posts. Sending a big hug with lots of love and blessings, Deb

Calypso In The Country said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear you're having problems but I hope you will continue to blog or at least share your stories on IG. You are such a talented writer and you inspire me with every single blog post. Maybe this is a sign that you should take your writing to the next level...perhaps write a book..? I know you would have a built in fan base. I agree that blogging has gotten more and more frustrating over the years for so many reasons. I've had some issues of my own - most recently with Bloglovin. They used to share my posts within hours after I published but now some of them don't show up for days or even a week. I've contacted several support people but no one has an answer for me. Anyway, like I said...consider that book. For some reason, I think you've thought about it yourself. Take care, friend.

Melanie said...

I use Blogger but I don't link my posts to FB, so I wasn't aware of any problems in that regard.

I would hate to see you give up blogging...your writing and photography are amazing. You are one of my favorite writers!

Could you just post here - and not worry about linking to FB and IG? Another choice would be to buy a domain name like Debra (above) mentioned.


Loree said...

The updates that Blogger has done are mostly tiresome and I don't think many of us really like them. I can still share my blog on FB but have had to remove the link to my blog from IG. I have no idea why as plenty of people share their blog on that platform without a problem. It's a big nuisance. I follow you on Google in so I get your updates whenever you blog.

ci said...

well this's like of all the stuff going on in the world today, something that should be simple can get as mussed up as the rest of the world. Very sad to hear of these problems. And yes, i tried the link on FB to this Blog and get the message that the contents dont comply. Rediculous!! all I can say is Don't Goooooo!!!!!

Jeanne Henriques said...

Hi Leslie, I feel your frustrations. I am sure you will get lots of advice from readers as many have switched platforms from Blogger. I recently did as well, to Squarespace. I do not monetise my blog but many do successfully and if you head down that path, there are many bloggers you most likely already know that can help you with that. I think people generally agree that blogging is not as popular as it once was and Instagram is the preferred choice. Like you, I like having a blog as a writing space. You write so beautifully and have created so many memorable and cherished blog posts over the years, it would be a shame not to hold onto them. Perhaps this is the sign for of a bigger step forward. I agree with Shelley, you are without a doubt, destined for a book. I would be happy to lead you to other bloggers who have made that step. We travel in a similar blogging circle so you may know many of them already. You can find me on my new site I feel a new creative process coming on for you Leslie! Take care..Jeanne xx

Mary Ann said...

I will miss your wonderful and insightful writings. I hope you will still share on Instagram, I love your decor and have followed you for years. I have bookmarked your blog and that is how I’m able to access it.

So glad you were able to spend time with your folks. During these crazy times connecting with family and friends is a wonderful treat!

You are an inspiration Leslie.
Mary Ann

Sophie said...

I cherish blogs/sites way more than social media. Both Facebook & instagram are not as intimate and they are littered with ads. I'm glad that you are going to continue with this heartfelt blog as you are a talented writer and a creative person. Please keep us posted.

Sarah said...

Leslie, I think the new Blogger and new FB are both mistakes. Things don't work smoothly. I'm slowly working through how to manage Blogger to create new posts, but they are few. It takes more tme. Not nearly as straight forward. As for FB, I've just about given up on that. My page views are cut off on the right among other things. I've sent many messages with photos on the Help section. One day recently, I couldn't even log in. Just a white page, no message, nothing. Finally after a full day, it was back as before.
I hope you continue to blog. I delight in your writing, your wisdom, and most of all your friendship.
Think of you so often. All the best, dear friend.

La Contessa said...


NanaDiana said...

I absolutely HATE the NEW blogger. Sometimes I wish they would leave well enough alone. I can't control the fonts- the positioning has changed. You name it and it is worse than it ever was. I used to be able to load all my pictures and then put them in as needed. Nope! Doesn't happen anymore.
I have you on my sidebar so that when you post it pops up. That is the only way I could find you.
Good luck- keep us all posted. I don't always comment here-but I always read when I am visiting blogs. xo Diana

Patty said...

I'm so sorry that you're having all those issues on social media. I see that message about "community standards" more and more on facebook and it makes you wonder??? Anyways, I've enjoyed following your story for several years and enjoy the content you share, you're beautiful photos, your vulnerability, etc. I hope you find a way to circumvent the issues you're having with your blog.

Blondie's Journal said...

I'll be sorry to see your blog end. I'm hanging on by a thread in posting due to outside issues. I've steadfastly never combined Facebook with my blog or Instagram. The latter are too personal. I have just started to use the new blogger so I don't know what hiccups I will have.

Only you know if this is a right fit for you. I always think of my blog as a place to feel, think, and write. I'll work through the tangles! Still... all the best to you!


Karen said...

I am sorry for the trouble you've been handed with regard to your blog. I think you must know how your readers love you and I hope you can find a way to get around all of this. When I blogged my son set me up on Word Press and it's been fairly easy, especially for this over-60 person. Ha.
I receive an email alerting me that you've published a new post, which is always a delight to receive.
Keep your fans posted, we'll follow you wherever you land.

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

Leslie this is so dad! I too have had a ton of problems with blogger, and then I was getting about 100 comments a day and 10-15, 000 visits from some porn site a day.

I've decided to move to wordpress, it scares me because I know nothing about Wordpress but that is my plan and in fact it is already in motion.

YOUR VIOCE IS TOO IMPORTANT TO BE SILENCED BY FACEBOOK AND BLOGGER!!!!!!! Buy your domaine name and move platforms. You are a bright light in this world Leslie and your message resonates with so many people, we can not loose you!!!!

xoxo Elizabeth

Sheepskinsandfairylights said...

Like so many, I love your writing and have followed you for many years.
There are some good solutions above and I hope you manage to find one.
Much love, vikki XxXx

the gardener's cottage said...

hello gwen. several of my readers have mentioned you to me and that are also having problems with Blogger. Omgoodness! isn't it a nightmare? i cannot answer questions and have no idea how to delete a photo. also the photos will post out of order and many other issues too. are they trying to get rid of us? i had a similar experience as you to but mine was regarding google adsense. i've been a member of that for probably 8 years and one day they said my blog was inappropriate for their guidelines and i had to prove i was not writing questionable material. i answered with attachments to multiple blog posts but they decided nope i was not worthy of their program. why i kept going at that point i have no idea. sorry to rant here but know you arent alone! x

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

I know that lots of people are having issues with the new must be pretty frustrating! Hope things get better soon. Before I retired, I had switched to a private domain, and even hired someone to help me get everything lined out. Sure not always easy!

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

Leslie, I hope you have not given up blogging! I miss seeing you! I am in the process of having my blog moved to wordpress, I am using Moonsteam Design and Sara is fabulous! Take care, xoxo

Stonecropsister said...

Hi Leslie,
Please continue to write. I agree with many here that you should get your domain and start on wordpress or squarespace (i am on squarespace and have been on wordpress as well. I like squarespace because of unlimited space for size of pics and gorgeous templates. But wordpress is great as well). I think you are one of the most powerful writers i have come across. It would be a shame to not see your blog anymore.
But there are many ways to write and/or tell your story, so perhaps you are thinking it might be good to invoke change? In which case, i would look forward to whatever new creative venture you have in mind. And if you need help with setting up new site, ping me any time. I think (?) i might be retiring at end of Nov, so will actually have some time to work on things i love, and be more creative. Stonecrop Sister is a part of me and i would so miss your blog. Xx hugs to you. Nancy

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