Sunday, October 8, 2017

Fall tablescape: Simple. Rustic. Beauty.

Today I'm sharing a pretty Fall tablescape with you that has actually turned out to be one of my personal favorites. The best part is, I put it together using simple and inexpensive items mostly collected from my home.

You can do this too.

The funny thing is this entire table was inspired by an old wood pallet we had left over from our landscaping project.

You know how stuff just piles up on the side of your house?

Well, one minute I'm staring at this dried-out pallet with its rusty nails poking out everywhere, that I know Jim plans on tossing. And the next minute I'm grabbing my crowbar and hammer and yanking out those nails.

I won't sugar-coat it.

Those old nails were a pain to get out, but somewhere between all the sweaty banging and pulling, I decided I really wanted to use this wood to make a food photography prop.

But once it was in a pile, I realized I had enough wood to make something rustic for my table too.

I decided to make an long elevated wood centerpiece that would go down the length of my table. A place to put my flowers and pumpkins.

Since the pallet wood slats weren't long enough, I simply put 2 pieces together, and used my nail gun to shoot nails into a top piece that melds them together. (You could use a hammer but I'm terrible at hitting nails.)

Then I used my palm sander (lightly) over the whole thing, followed by AS clear wax, then nailed a 3 pieces underneath to raise it and voila!

I found that extending it down my entire table really added some surprising drama to it, especially when paired with a plain, white tablecloth. 

If you follow me on Instagram you know I recently came home with a bunch of fresh olive branches. That's because I've been wanting to do a Fall table with these for awhile now, it's such a classic look.  

I stuck some into my chandelier. No wire needed.

And I laid them down the center of the table, then positioned my wood centerpiece right on top.
Once I placed the pumpkins on top, adding any flowers just seemed excessive. I actually tried  with some roses I had on hand, but I kept coming back to the simplicity of the pumpkins with the fresh green leaves.
And I decided, sometimes less is more.

I used velvet gold ribbon around white napkins.

White plates from Crate and Barrel and matte gold silverware, courtesy of Target.

And of course, white candles.

And one last shot with the white Christmas lights I now keep permanently in my dining room ..

...because I've decided that gatherings always seem a touch more magical in the glow of twinkly white lights.

Have you noticed this too?

(I hope you enjoyed seeing my simple Fall table today).
Thank you so much for visiting me.


Simply LKJ said...

I have visited many fall home tours via blogs in the past few weeks, but Leslie I have to tell you, your table setting is by far my favorite. I wholeheartedly agree that sometimes less is more. While you kept things simple, it is quite striking! I believe that is due to all of the different textures you incorporated into your table. And the white twinkle lights! I have to grab a few other things a Hobby Lobby tomorrow and will be picking up a strand for sure. Now to see if my daughter still has any pallets left in her stash ;-)

Simply LKJ said...

Forgot to mention, I brought home a spool of beautiful blue velvet ribbon my sweet MIL had in her stash after her passing. Was trying to think of ways to use it. I love the idea of tying a simple bow around the napkins.

Leslie Harris said...

Thank you Lauren! I do wish you could see it in person, there's something about that piece of old wood down the table... hope you make one too. Also what a great use for the velvet ribbon from your MIL. I think that would be SO pretty!

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

It is all so lovely, Leslie...I love the platform you made! I can see it used for many tablescapes! The olive branches are beautiful...and I love white lights anytime!

Karen said...

What a great idea with the palates. The table looks wonderful and I love the olive branches on the chandelier. Yes,twinkle lights make any room look magical.

Art and Sand said...

I love the rustic wood and especially the olive branches. I'm thinking I need to go over to our old house and snip off a few. I actually know the people who live there now and I don't think they'll mind.

Sarah said...

Leslie, this is simple and elegant! I like to use the baby pumpkins for a variety of things. Love this simple idea!

Unknown said...

I love your tablescape. Less is more and this is so elegant in its simplicity! I also love your blog on dreaming big. I found your message at just a time I need to hear this. Your writing is excellent... very readable and the details paint a picture in the reader's mind.

Sandra Sallin said...

How inspiring. I love the simplicity and ease of your styling. I don't have the wood planks but I certainly replicate the rest of your settings. I've got book club coming this month and I'll start the season off with your inspiration.

Unknown said...

Lovely! You have me excited about having a get together and setting a table. I love white everything and those lights add magic.

michele said...

I certainly do agree about the white lights! Fairy lights are always a good idea! Love your recycling of the pallet to elevate the adds the rustic foil needed with all the pretty and besides, pumpkins deserve to be on stage, yes? Thanks for bringing the magic and layering the lovely--you're a natural! xox

Snap said...

Every thing looks better with candle light and "fairy" lights. I love your rustic centerpeice ... and you made it -- even better. Simple and very pretty.

Cindy @ Dwellings-The Heart of Your Home said...

Lovely and so creative! Your photos are gorgeous and the last one...I'm drooling!
Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY, it' such a pleasure having you.

La Contessa said...

Hope your HUSBAND realizes THAT!

Debe said...

I was in a funk as our beloved Houston Astros are in game 6 against LA...needed something to lift me. Popped onto your blog (can't stand to watch) and your utter simplicity and elegance was exactly what I needed and....some fairy lights. Got to find a pallet. Bless you, my dear!!!

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