Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Do you need some inspiration today? (I know I do)

Hello friends.
If you've been following me on my
(newly reactivated) Instagram,
you've already got a peek of the planks I put up in my living room. I finished painting and caulking them this weekend but all my cans of white paint got me craving even more creamy light-filled rooms.
Rooms from houses that are wonderfully finished---unlike mine.

Have you ever felt this way?

If you're living in your own version of a fixer upper maybe you can relate.

You know that occasional tired lens that you see your house through, usually triggered when someone new walks into your home. All of a sudden those parts of your house
--like your old staircase that desperately needs to be re-done--stand out like a gigantic sore thumb and for one lazy second you think, "god-I-wish-this-house-was-done."  

The truth is, most of the time I'm driven by moments of pure exuberance, like right after I unplugged my nail gun and looked around my newly planked room and felt proud that I did it by myself. 

But every once in a while I get seriously impatient. 
I want to live in a house that feels completely like ME right now. A home that reflects my own personal, quirky style today, because it's so hard to live in rooms that look like they belong to someone else.
Especially when it comes to my home, it's so hard to be patient.

Life is so interesting isn't it?
It seems like I'm always being reminded that attaching myself to "the outcome" is not the way.

Dear universe, I get it.
I do understand that the journey is everything. I do realize it's the process of getting there that gives our life meaning.

(But psss... can we please fast forward through some of this fixer upper stuff?)

Ok. All done with the wishful thinking.
Today I'm sharing some pictures from a few of my favorite tumblrs because there's something about each one that inspires me.
And sometimes it's the littlest things that catch my eye.

a unique, casual light fixture..
the mix of chic and rustic...

a happy shade of green...

these pendants!

open shelves filled with vintage pieces...

a charming old mirror with all that white....

an ethereal bedroom and that chandelier...

And finally, don't forget to stop by and visit my friend Michele's post today. If you don't already know, Michele has been sharing the incredible transformation of her fixer upper almost weekly on her blog Hello Lovely, and you won't believe what Michele and her hubby have accomplished in only nine months!

This is one pretty amazing DIY couple.
(cutie pies too)

Well, I hope you're already feeling that surge of inspiration for whatever your own project might be.
I'll be sharing some pics of my planked living room soon.
love and peace,


Karen said...

Hi Leslie,

I know what you mean...those 'to do' lists can give you a burst of energy or a headache, depending on my mood. :-) Your home is looking fabulous, dahling. I know it's hard to realize that when the list seems long, but for your readers, I think you have accomplished such a warm and welcoming home already.

Enjoy your week.

La Contessa said...

I hate to tell YOU but it is NEVER FINISHED!
Then again YOU are in control of the NAIL GUN so I could be wrong in YOUR CASE!
You know the saying the BAKER"s wife has no bread well I am married to the CONTRACTOR who's molding is STILL UNFINISHED.
Perhaps, a LIST is in ORDER for FATHER's DAY................
I have SO MUCH HANGING ABOUT The moulding really does not matter!

Simply LKJ said...

I need to find you on instagram!! I'm simplylkjblog. Can't wait to see your planked wall. Great inspiration pictures. I am wanting to lighten up our home, as we have had the same paint colors in most rooms for years now. We shall see...we have a lot of tall ceilings that cost a fortune to paint. Heading over to check out Hello Lovely.

Carla from The River said...

Hi ~
I saw the planked wall on IG. You amaze me! Keep going dear friend.

Dayle ~ A Collection of Days said...

I needed inspiration today. Thank you.

kddomingue said...

La Contessa is correct. It is NEVER finished. In my case, life keeps getting in the way. Job money. Going back to work while the hubs goes back to time. Back problems..... can't do diddely squat. Backs better but husband's working out of town. Serious illness in the family..... I'm the family "nurse". It's ALWAYS something.

I figure that by the time we get the last room done, it'll be time to start all over again in the first room, sigh. I wish I could pull a Bewitched and twitch my nose and wave my hand and stuff would be done, finished, complete and beautifully, wonderfully, absolutely ME! LOL!

michele said...

"I want to live in a house that feels completely like ME right now. A home that reflects my own personal, quirky style today, because it's so hard to live in rooms that look like they belong to someone else." oh leslie, you articulate this longing so well, and surely your words capture a longing which goes beyond home improvement. when a room feels as though it belongs to someone else (or an aging/injured/overweight/ill body feels foreign), we long for home. i am so knocked out by what you are accomplishing at your fixer upper, and i so want to take a cue from this post and pay it forward, spotlighting my fellow fixer upper sisters. thank you for sharing my post with your readership and placing me alongside such lovely inspirational spaces, all of which evoke a sigh! my heart is full of gratitude. we will meet one day, and a proper hug (as opposed to the keyboard variety) will happen! peace to you right where you are.

cindy hattersley design said...

Oh boy can I identify! I have been semi working on my master for months, my game room needs a major facelift, and my laundry room is stuck in the 80's. I try not to think about it or it will drive me crazy!!

JoanMarie said...

Hello Leslie! First, let me say major props to you for using a nail gun! Plank walls on your own? Again, a big "hats off" to you Lady! Full appreciation and credit given to anyone who is not afraid of a plug in tool AND puts it to good use - Amazing Job! The inspiration pics were a delight to go through several times as they each caught my eye for different reasons every time I revisited the list. I think your style is perfect and as far as "getting it all done", I, for one, hope your processes and projects continue as they leave me speechless! I also know what if feels like to reach the finish line but for selfish reasons, I hope your journey continues on and one....I commend you and your projects you talented soul and wait for more and more.

Art and Sand said...

Thanks for the beautiful inspiration.

Did you ever seen that I featured you last week on SYC for your great bedroom makeover? I love that you softened the room with curtains rather than those mirrored closet doors.

I hate to burst your bubble, but your house will NEVER be finished. There will always be some project to be done. It's sort of like the Golden Gate Bridge.

I found you on Instagram and am now following you.

Thehouseofhampton said...

Reading your blog post, time and time again, I feel as if I'm reading my own inner journal! I feel exactly the way you do right now. Like so many post before too. At times, I feel as if I have bit off more than I can chew. Last night, I moved around some furniture, and with that simple move, it all clicked. Just like that. Slept better last night than I have in a long time. Woke up and my thoughts were " you got this, it's going to be fine". As slow going as it is, deep breaths, gratitude, because I got exactly what I asked for. I don't ever want to forget that. Thank you universe. Now I need a talk with Father Time.
Until next post,

designchic said...

Count me inspired, Leslie! Just loved seeing your living room on Instagram and can't wait to see more! Happy weekend ~

karen@somewhatquirky said...

Hah! I went to follow those Tumbler accounts and I already follow all of them! Tumbler is my pure joy. No worries. Just pure inspiration porn.

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