Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Christmas cottage details…



Slowly…. painstakingly slow I might add… I’ve been bringing out the Christmas decorations. But this year will be very simple compared to my typical decorating.

(you can see my last holiday home tour HERE)

To be honest, I’m just now figuring out where things from my old house might fit in around here.



Here’s a perfect example. Remember my big, black vintage looking clock?

I finally pulled off the wrapping and of course..I decided to lighten it up before hanging it in the kitchen.


I’ll admit, I was a little nervous about ruining it… but I had Christmas in Connecticut on in the background and it made me so happy I had to keep going.

Don’t you love Barbara Stanwyck?

Sigh, I could stay in my pajamas and watch old movies all day…



Alright, back on point. The good news is that I didn’t ruin it and actually, I like it so much better painted white in this house.

Funny how some pieces no longer ‘fit’ in our new home. Especially being so close to the ocean. I’m craving more white.




And since this corner needed something bold until I get some open shelving,

here it goes for now.

Right next to the giant Nestle’s girl who used to be in our TV room.


And have you seen these adorable place mats around blog land?  They’re sold in packs of four at Home Goods and I absolutely love the message.

These made me feel so good when I put them on this table that I had to immediately run around and put together a quick place setting to show you.



I saw this ribbon on Cindy’s blog. She’s collected some wonderful gift wrapping ideas that you absolutely should check out HERE and she mentioned that she got the ribbon at Marshalls.

Well I happened to be at one yesterday and I couldn’t believe they still had some.

Doesn’t it look pretty around a white napkin?


Add a pinecone for a place card and you have a very simple and pretty setting.

This afternoon I’m hanging fresh wreaths from my kitchen windows and I’ll be able show you the whole room. Then I’m moving into the living room.


Wouldn’t you know it? No sooner than I get one little section done and it’s time to switcheroo. I’m almost done decorating the living room—we finish the tree tonight-- but remember that ugly, mysterious (weird) living room wall?

Wait to you see how we temporarily ‘fixed’ it.

hint hint: perfectionists do not live in this house.



So how’s your decorating going?  I’m hoping to be done by December 23rd.

Any other slow pokes out there?




Happy December 9th!



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Susan said...

My Christmas decorating is going in spurts. I get inspired and do a vignette, then go and do something else. I am really procrastinating with my Christmas cards. I like to write a personal note in each one and it takes forever. I need someone to tell me to sit down and do it (the cats are no help at all) ;)

Karen said...

My decorating is finished but gift buying is giving me fits this year and I still don't have the cards finished. I love the clock and the that your kitchen nook area?

ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...

Love what I see and can't wait to see more!!

Sarah said...

Leslie, I'm crushing over those adorable placemats. I'm going to Home Goods tomorrow to see if our store has any. I love the message. Are they paper or some type of pasteboard?
All finished here, and does it feel good! We had house guests last weekend, so it was incentive to get the tree up and the house decorated.
Happy Holidays to you! ~ Sarah

Anonymous said...

Sweet and lovely Christmas touches! I am thoroughly enjoying bloglands Christmas decor, as I still can't put anything in the house yet. xo Patty/NS

Gypsy Heart said...

Just beautiful ~ as usual! Great job on the clock and your table looks so festive. You make it all seem so easy ~ :)

Can't wait to see more and I've put up a small tree and that's about it. I'm highly allergic to Mountain Cedar so can't deal with fresh greens. They are so pretty and are Christmas to me.


Donna@anangloinquébec said...

Well, I think you are doing a great job of finding new spots for your treasures. It looks fabulous Leslie. I love the update to the clock and it seems appropriate to make those little adjustments in your new home. Once again, you got style girl!!

cindy hattersley design said...

I love the clock lightened up! Actually I love all that you are doing. Now you found a ribbon I missed! Love that one too!

Vickie @ Ranger 911 said...

I love it all! Your kitchen looks so cozy and inviting with the vintage poster and repainted clock decorating your walls. And your collection of straw hats.......LOVE!!!

I got so overwhelmed browsing through the holiday home tours that I shut my computer off and tackled most of my decorating yesterday. Thank goodness for blogs, because I used my old photos as a guide for quick decorating. Who says you have to change things up every year?! hehe

Have fun finding spots for all your Christmas decorations, Leslie!

Carla from The River said...

Looks wonderful. :-)

We are all decorated here. My birthday is in December, and with the many other events, we try hard to get it done the first week. So we can enjoy. But that is not always the case. I am thankful it is this year, because my sister is treating me to a birthday trip. :-)

Jennifer said...

It looks great!! We are moving very slowly on our Christmas decorating so this is a fantastic shot in the arm. I love those placemats. I may just hop on down to see if they have any left!

michele said...

ohhhhhhhh it's beautiful, leslie! i love your dining chairs which are the same style as our counter stools and so elegant. the clock looks perfect there, and i appreciate you sharing your sources. homegoods is not close, but it is a treat when i travel the distance. i'm a total slow poke but since i don't do the whole red and green tinsel thing, it's okay since it will linger into january. bravo on creating these cozy moments that will surely be backdrops for many warm family memories. peace to you right where you are.

karen@somewhatquirky said...

I want a row of straw hats at my house! Maybe this summer. My decorating???? Done. the only problem is the boxes are still out. So everything is really a wreck. And we will leave town on the 19th and not be back till New Years. The boxes will be out and waiting for us when we get home! Pathetic, huh?

Dayle ~ A Collection of Days said...

I'm as done as I'm going to get. Left a lot in the attic but I'm pleased with what I managed to do.

Yours is lovely.

Art and Sand said...

1. Love the placemats and will look for them tomorrow - I have had a Home Goods card for 2 months and am making the drive to Thousand Oaks tomorrow to use it.

2. I love the look of the dining room.

3. It is supposed to rain all day on Friday so maybe you can stay in your pj's and watch movies.

chillcat said...

I'm finally starting to get in the mood. It hasn't been an easy year. But next week the festivities must begin!
Happy Xmas Xcat

Leslie Harris said...

For those of you who have asked about the place mats, they are cork-backed and have a glossy wipe-able finish on top that is heat resistant. hope you find them.

Sheepskinsandfairylights said...

Simple but beautiful. The clock looks wonderful, so good too recycle......those placemats I love!! Xxx

Lori said...

House is decorated ~ lights on the tree today and will decorate tomorrow night ~ baking is almost complete ~ everything is bought but nothing is wrapped ~ was feeling ahead of the game but now I am not so sure!
Love what you did with the clock ~ can't wait to see more.

Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. said...

I love the way you gave your clock a fresh new look to work in your new home! I would imagine that living near the beach would make you want to go lighter and cleaner with all your décor. Can't wait to see what comes next!

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