Tuesday, September 3, 2013

cozy Fall touches; my dining room update


Hello friends. Can you believe it’s already September?

August was pure craziness around here and I’m so happy to welcome a slower paced September. There’s something about the Fall season and September in particular that reminds me of new beginnings. I know most people feel that way about Springtime but for me it’s always been September, the month when school begins. I happened to be one of those kids that couldn’t wait for the new school year to start. I loved it all. The excitement of walking into my new classrooms, scouring through my new textbooks, getting impressions of the teachers, wearing my new school clothes…

Once, when Michael was a little guy and I told him this same story, he looked at me with his big, brown eyes and asked me earnestly, “Mom, were you sort of a nerd in school?”

I never laughed so hard.

Hey, embrace your nerdiness, that’s my motto.


Anyway, back to the topic of September.

Yesterday I got the most wonderful surprise when I woke up and discovered that it was actually raining. Yep, raining in September which is really unusual here, only it was the kind of warm, tropical rain where you can still walk around in your summer clothes. Don’t you love that kind of wetness?

And it was so perfect because it inspired me to begin some Fall decorating…


I’m working on another wedding right now and I was shopping for a certain size frame when I found this beautiful brown and cream colored pitcher in an antique shop.




Here’s a shot of my sideboard with the Fall vignettes.



I wanted to put coffee beans in Grandma’s teacup but I didn’t have any. I love the smell of coffee don’t you?


DSC_0377 (2)use

I love these colors of Fall…




This is a picture of the window box I found at the same antique shop. Ever since I saw Debra’s centerpiece in this post I’ve been wanting to find a window box and the minute I saw this one looking all chippy white and old, my heart skipped a beat.

It still feels a bit early for pumpkins in here so I opted for a white and green hues instead.





I filled this window box using grocery store flowers, berries, succulents, candles and moss. I’ll show you how I did it in my next post. It’s very easy.



I bring my leopard shades out in the Fall.

DSC_0372 (2)use


I added a dark chocolate ribbon on the boxwood wreaths for a little color.


Well that’s one room done for now.

I’m in the process of unloading a lot of stuff around here, clothes that don’t fit, things we don’t use. Maybe it’s the season, maybe it’s the new empty nest, but now that the boys are away at school it feels like a good time to start fresh. Change things around.

I’m in the mood for change. Big, positive ones. How about you?


Are you an optimist these days?





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Cindy @ Dwellings-The Heart of Your Home said...

Your Fall vignette and centerpiece are beautiful! Love the viburnum, the burst of red is so pretty...

Sarah said...

Leslie, too hot here to think about fall decor just yet. I hate that, because fall is my favorite season. It seems I'm always late getting fall touches added to the house because it's hard to transition when it's 102 outside.
I will enjoy it vicariously though this lovely dining room post. Your room is very pretty. I like the clean lines and linen chairs. Thanks for sharing! ~ Sarah
Yes, I'm in the mood to clean out here too. ;-)

Sunflowers With Smiles said...

Lovely vignette. I am not in the mood for fall decor yet but will be. Have some great things that I will be doing. Also looking forward to my big getaway coming up in October!

michele said...

ha! chachacha! love that. and love your window box full of beauty. the peely paint on it is so fabulous especially paired with the other elegant touches in the room. makes me wanna have slips made for my own dining chairs.

it doesn't yet look like fall around here, but white pumpkins are surely on deck.



ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...

BEAUTIFUL Leslie!! I just love everything about your home! Lovin that window box centerpiece...I want to try and copy it:)

Linda said...

Oh how I love that planter and how you have decorated it. The brown ribbon on the boxwood wreath....Yes I have also started. I love the fall season...

Lori said...

That centerpiece is beautiful Leslie ~ what a find in that window box! I can see you using it for every season ~ so many possibilities. I am still holding on to summer but will dig out the fall decor soon ~ I do not do a lot but can't wait to do a few different things this year. I always try to stay optimistic and LOVE that cha cha quote ~ I have that pinned as well. xo

Blondie's Journal said...

Leslie...I love fall, too. It's such a slow, gentle season full of warmth and comfort. But I also love the winding down days of summer so I put off decorating for fall. I really love the old pitcher and the window box is such a great idea. Are hose real succulents? It really is pretty, as is your sideboard.

I did get your comment on my guest post feature (I thought I sent an email but I get everything so jumbled up lately!). As always, it seems like you speak straight from your heart into mine! You really are a blessing in my life and I'm so glad we met! :)


Unknown said...

It all looks so beautiful Leslie - love that wood crate!
Mom were you a nerd - I'm laughing out loud here!!!

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

You can put a vignette together like no other! What an inspiring post! I love your fall vignettes!

Leslie said...

Your side board vignette is so pretty Leslie and I LOVE the antique planter! What a great idea and your selection of greens is perfect. Sounds like things are calming down and you are having fun. It's fun to change things up when you don't have to consider the needs of young children:)


The Style Sisters said...

wow you did an amazing job with your vignette and flower box centerpiece! I am loving it all!! So so pretty! Please come link up to Centerpiece Wednesday on my blog and share this post with us.

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

OH I love your flower box filled with beauty, Leslie! The viburnum berries are gorgeous and perfect for the season! And yes, I am an optimist and look forward to the future (and my next cup of coffee)!

Eilis said...

I love your centerpiece and am looking forward to seeing how you put it together.

chillcat said...

Love the cha-cha concept. I think I'm there as well. Here too (this is Cat from my short story blog) the warmth is much more gentle and though we've had storms it's not as wrathful as hot summer thunder. I also feel a push in September - I think it's as we prepare for the deep cold and also changes in our lives (daughter just accepted in
Verona for singing!). I am crazy busy with book promotion (Pelt is finally out) but this is where I want to be! Love your ideas - I just wish I had time to tackle my garden xxcat

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

Oh I love that cha cha quote, so great. Your Fall vignettes look fabulous, I cannot wait to see how you made it! The berries, fruit, pine ones and all of the rest look like Fall,so many great ideas.

I too feel like Fall is a time of rebirth, especially after a long hot summer. I love to clean out the closets and purge the house. That way I am ready for the holidays.

Have a great week!

Brandy~GreyLaneHome said...

Leslie it looks beautiful. You always know how to put just enough out, and the photos are beautiful. Happy Fall Friend. xoxo

Sew a Fine Seam said...

So lovely Leslie! I'm busy getting ready to set up at The Vintage Marketplace in a couple weeks so my house is sadly neglected! You make me want to start fluffing though!

Unknown said...

I feel the same way about September - a fresh start, cool mornings and a slower pace than the craziness of summer (my August was pure hell). You've inspired me to get out to the garden and cut down some of the purple viburnum berries - your vignette is lovely.

Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. said...

Your dining room is just beautiful Leslie! That centerpiece is dreamy! ... And September is the perfect time to refresh and recharge!

Art and Sand said...

I have done nothing fun and creative since Sunday - just cleaning, purging and moving.

You make me want to:
-visit the antique stores tomorrow
-finish the tablecloth I am making
-make a great box for the dining room table

Thanks for the inspiration

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