Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What is your dream?

Some time ago I wrote a post about knowing the one sentence of your life.

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I thought it was a powerful exercise and I wanted you to know about it.

The purpose of  this post was to help you slow down and think about your life, the one you’re creating right now, because there’s nothing more eye-opening than having to sum up your entire existence with a one-line description that says,

This is the purpose of my life.

This is what really matters to me.

This is what I want to be remembered for…after I’m gone.

I know these are some hefty questions. And you might be thinking,“ Heck I’m so busy juggling work and carpools and kids and grocery shopping, who has time to think about these things?”


But truthfully, that’s EXACTLY why you need to carve out some quiet time; you deserve time to contemplate what you want for your Self and your life. I think it’s especially important for women, because our lives are so entwined with the caretaking of others, it’s easy to postpone examining our own needs.

But if we don’t take charge of our lives and believe we deserve things, it’s not going to magically happen.


It’s the same way with our dreams.

If we can’t put our dreams into words we’ll never achieve them. It’s that simple.

Lou Holtz, the former legendary football coach of Notre Dame is famous for his list of 107 goals. The story goes that when he lost his job during his twenties his wife gave him a book entitled, The Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwartz. After reading it, he was inspired to write down a complete list of his life goals which included winning a National Championship, eating dinner at the White House, meeting the Pope, and landing a plane on an aircraft carrier.

He says that list changed his life.

Last I heard, he’d completed 104 of his goals. And everywhere he goes people want to talk with him about these 107 goals. Why? Because Lou Holtz decided that his list would not be a typical “wish-list,” but a list of dreams he intended to achieve. And he did.



I thought about my own dreams and goals

when I visited a friend’s blog yesterday. Reading her post about her published novel’s one year birthday made me smile, and I was happy to see so many of her dreams becoming a reality. 

I love seeing women achieve their dreams.

Especially a woman who is raising four kids on her own and who began writing when her first child (now in his twenties) was in diapers. In some ways, it’s the classic tale of the published author; Catherine’s story is filled with inspired bouts of writing-even in a chicken shed-and includes endless revisions and rejections before she was eventually published.


But it’s her personal story that I love. Catherine relocated after nine years in Ghana to northern Italy, where she arrived “husbandless and slightly traumatized” to begin a new life with her four children, and through it all she kept writing.

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This is Catherine McNamara. She has a funny, (naughty) wit and she’s a wonderful story teller. Her first published novel, The Divorced Lady’s Companion to Italy, had gotten some amazing reviews and it’s even been called “a thinking lady’s Eat, Pray, Love.” 

You can click HERE to enter her giveaway. All you have to do is write

1. What you hate about Italy

2. What you love about Italy

and if you’re chosen, you can win her novel along with some “flirty” bookmarks.

The best part of visiting Catherine’s blog is that it reminded me of my own tender, little dream.


The dream of someday finishing my own non-fiction book (although I admit, I need to re-read a few of Lou Holtz’s suggestions). Since according to Holtz, now in his seventies, most people who fail at their goals lack determination, discipline and a clear plan. Gulp.

Here’s a few of his suggestions to help you achieve your dream.

  1. Write it down. Create a specific list of your goals.
  2. Make a plan that includes scheduling time and evaluating your talents.
  3. Build a network of supportive people who might help you reach your goal.
  4. Be determined!

In fact, maybe you can begin right now.

Write down your dream and share it here. 

And let’s make this be your place of support.


What is your dream?




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Ladies Holiday said...

I love all this talk about dreams- VERY inspiring!

Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

What a thought provoking post! I really enjoyed it!

Dayle ~ A Collection of Days said...

I could so relate to this post, Leslie. It reminded me of my early dreams of becoming a writer, of the late nights and the little blue book that held the details of my submissions, most of which included a single word that was later added in red ink: REJECTED.

But I'm a firm believer in perseverance, and I never gave up, doing all I knew to do to see my dream come to fruition, with much prayer along the way.

Keep following your dreams and I'm sure you'll get there.

Great post!

Linda said...

What an inspiring post!

Donna@anangloinqu├ębec said...

Oh Leslie, you caught me off guard with this one. I have been thinking a lot about this lately. I am feeling that I am at a point where I need to stop and consider what is ahead for me. It seems that in just a matter of a few years my children will be off learning to live some of their dreams and I will need to consider what dreams I want to fulfill in my future.
Great post Leslie!!! You got me thinking.

Pitter and Glink said...

I LOVE this post! It made me think about my goals. One of my goals is to publish a book before I die. I'd actually like to write a children's book. Well, I have written one, but I have no idea how to go about getting it published. (I'd just like to publish it locally because it has places from my small town featured in it.) I'd also love to own my own store one day--a store that features my crafts, vintage goods, and furniture I makeover along with others' crafts. And I'd like to get better at photography...the list goes on and on. Thanks for making me think! :)

Gypsy Heart said...

I've been thinking along the same lines lately ~ thank you for this beautiful post! I can't remember the "who" or "what"...I think someone wrote in to Dear Abby, lamenting the fact that she had always wanted to go to college but by the time she graduated she would be 68. Abby responded, "You're going to be 68 anyway. Go for it!"

I do think that sometimes we as women plan for our kid's education and for them to go out and achieve their dreams. Those that are married support their husband's dreams...the list goes on.

Since I'm older, I cannot say strongly enough that it is imperative for women to set goals and go forward and accomplish them! The kids are going to be grown, the husband will retire...what will you do?


Anonymous said...

Leslie, this is a beautiful post. Thank you for the encouragement...I needed it!

June :)

The Divorced Lady's Companion to Living in Italy said...

Leslie, thanks for your wonderful words, you've brought tears to my eyes!

It's been a long ride and it isn't over yet. I'm thinking I could do with a list right now to move me along. It's so true about being stuck in the everyday and trying to rise above with our dreams. For me this often brings anguish but for now - today in this moment - a big rush of joy. Connecting, reaching out, is so important and I thank you for this! Xxcat

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Leslie, Thank you for sharing this beautiful post at the Open House party! I am always inspired by reading your blog.

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