Friday, October 12, 2012

8 Halloween decorating tips for outdoor space…


Having a Halloween party this year?

Here’s a few things I did to transform our outdoor space. This is where we set up our beer & wine bar and put the coffee and dessert table. And I’ve noticed that the guys always end up outside no matter what the weather…so I like to make it comfy.

1. I used orange and black burlap to create colorful walls

If you’re going to be entertaining outside, it’s nice to provide a sense of enclosure for your guests. Here in California, it’s a still warm enough to use our patio (there aren’t a lot of porches where I live) during Halloween parties, and I like to put up my orange and black burlap panels because they add a feeling of coziness and some festive color.

Here’s a photo I took while I was still putting up decorations. It looks a bit bare, but you get the idea.

Want to know how easy it was?


We used simple PVC pipe for “curtain rods,”measured and cut them, and attached them to the patio (actually my Dad did this part).

Here’s a close-up of the hardware.

DSC_0523DSC_0524 (2)

For the panels: Measure and cut the burlap pieces so that they’ll puddle on the ground. Run a stitch at the top of the burlap and simply slip the burlap over the PVC pipe.



Instant Halloween curtains! Because of the location of our fountain, I couldn’t completely enclose our patio, but this is what guests saw when they stepped outside.



2. I covered my patio cushions with orange felt.

I used safety pins when I attached my orange felt to the cushions. I placed each cushion on top of the fabric, measured and cut. The safety pins are all in back. Believe me, no one will ever look behind the cushions and see the safety pins and after the party, you simply remove them and voila! Everything’s back to normal.



3. I decorated with cornstalks

4. I replaced my white light bulbs with orange bulbs.

 I ordered these bulbs online from Party


5. I hung jars of candles from trees


6. I tucked black tulle into Fall garlands that I hung overhead…



7. I tied black tulle around the light strings using this photo as my inspiration.


8. I put tombstones and props into the garden area …


and when I was done, I had one of these:



Not really. But I wished I had one of these adorable drinks. I don’t even care what’s in it,

I just love that darn broom stir-stick, don’t you?

Well, did I give you a few ideas for your own porch or patio? I hope so. Let me know what you think, I’d love to hear from you.


via: Michelle Church; Pinterest

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Leslie's Garden said...

Super ideas! You've created such a fun place to relax and enjoy Autumn unfolding! I don't know which is my favorite, maybe adding the black tulle, or the orange lights...just too hard to decide!

Debra@CommonGround said...

so fun, Leslie, you look lovely in green...!

One More Time Events said...

Everything looks wonderful! Thank you for stopping by and linking up to One More Time.... new follower

One More Time Events said...

Just stopping by to let you know you have been featured at Share it...One More Time. Hope you can stop by and party again this week.

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