Monday, June 4, 2012

in case you’re wondering…


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This past weekend I attended the Sac Area Blogger Meet and Greet, and in case you’re wondering what a bunch of bloggers actually do when they have a chance to meet up, I’ll tell you. They laugh a lot.  And they express utter delight at the chance to finally be talking to the real people behind the blogs.


Tracy from Then I Got To Thinking organized this event and women bloggers traveled from as far as South Lake Tahoe to be there. Here we are, all different ages and from all walks of life, united by this crazy desire to share ourselves on a blog.


This is a picture of Tracy on the far right in her sapphire blue, single shoulder outfit. She was every bit as warm and gracious in person as she looks in this photo. Please check out her blog when you get the chance, you’ll leave feeling uplifted.


Tracy transformed these mason jars into goodie bags for each of us.

That’s something else I’ve learned. What do bloggers do?

They pay attention to the small details in life and enjoy transforming common objects into something special. Bloggers are naturally creative souls.


They can “see” things and imagine things that weren’t there before. Ordinary objects become unique.

Look at this. Candies with names such as, Comment Moderation Cinnabears, Log-in Laffy Taffy’s and  HTML Hershey Kisses… these are funny touches that only another blogger would truly appreciate.

Oh, and as you might suspect. Bloggers always bring their cameras.


Here is a picture of me, taking a picture of some of my new blogger friends, taking a picture of Tracey’s party favors.

Bloggers take a lot of pictures.

And there was one more thing that became apparent as I mingled throughout the room at this event.

Bloggers take risks. They put themselves out there in ways that require a certain amount of courage, no matter what kind of blog it is. I’ve had readers tell me that they prefer to email me rather than leave comments on my blog, because they don’t feel comfortable having ‘everyone’ seeing their thoughts and words. Well, can you imagine the feeling of exposure that comes along with blogging?

During this luncheon, this kind of courage poked through several of the conversations.

And afterwards, I thought about Jess, a beautiful young woman who began her blog as a way of sharing her struggles with infertility. Her blog Dreaming of Dimples, has become a place for other women to gain solace and hope, and I was moved when I went to her blog and read about the etiquette of infertility. Every mother should read this.

I also thought a lot about a conversation I had with another blogger. A twenty-something woman who exuded a sensitivity and depth beyond her years, and who shared her struggles to stay “real” in the image-driven world of blogging.

And there were others. Conversations with exuberant women that were so friendly and full of life, who happened to be bloggers.

Afterwards, I was left with so much to think about…But here’s one thing I realized this weekend at the Blogger Meet and Greet. And it’s simple.


I’m a blogger, and even though there are so many time when I hit the “publish’ button and feel butterflies in my stomach, I’m happy to call myself one.

When you get a chance, please check out some of these other blogs. There’s so much to enjoy!


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TracyZLesh @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

You are so sweet - thank you for your kind words. You were such a joy to meet and get to talk with. Thank you so much for coming! Have a wonderful vacation in Maui!!

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