Thursday, May 31, 2012

What’s your personal style for summer?


Hello friends. It’s been awhile since I did a post on style and since there was so much interest in my fashion confession post, I thought I would raise the topic again. I know very little about the fashion industry.


But I do know what I like to wear and what I feel comfortable in, and I think that’s what personal style is all about. Don’t you? Right now I’m organizing my clothes for our upcoming trip to Maui next week, and of course, I’m taking white pants.


White pants are the perfect blank slate, you can wear them with anything. Personally, I think navy blue and white look so classic and fresh when paired with white. And I just bought a sleeveless polka dot blouse too. Black and white, of course.


I’m a fan of this skinny tangerine colored belt and the leopard flats.


And what a great reminder about color combinations. This yellow blazer and grey t-shirt compliment each other perfectly, and I love that necklace.


I would feel so comfortable wearing this outfit.


This belt looks similar to the one I just bought for our trip. It goes with everything, don’t you think?


Do you like white blazers?  I would wear this outfit anywhere…


As I get older I’m discovering shoes. I know. What rock have I been under? But I’m loving pumps like these for their statement…


and jolt of dramatic color…


but I think that nothing looks better with a white blazer than the color of silver. Sigh, it’ so chic.


And let’s not forget about open-toed shoes. Have you bought any for this summer? Aren’t these wonderful?


But I think these are my favorite.


Only orange looks so great in the summer…

During the warm months of summer, I wear colors that I wouldn’t typically wear. There’s a few bright, bold colors that actually feel comfortable in the heat.


Hot pink is one color that I seem to wear consistently.




Only I don’t think I’ve ever worn red pants, have you?

And here’s a few summer dresses.



12666442672172401_QUaz5NUo_ctinywhitedaisiestiny white daisies


They’re each so very different…which dress fits your own personal style?

There’s something about each of these photos that I love. Well, what do you think?

Are we fashion sisters? Do we have similar tastes in summer clothes? I would love to hear your views, please drop me a line and share your opinions.

And did you notice how I left out the entire subject of bathing suits? Sorry, but I’m not ready for that discussion yet.

I need a few cocktails first.




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