Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Front Door Retrospective-Farewell to Fall & Halloween!

550_100906830Photo: BHG

Well, the pumpkins are gone and I’m ready to take down the last remnants of my Fall décor at the front door, and get ready for Christmas. But before I do that, I thought I’d share a few front door photos and memories from this past Fall with you.

DSC_0263 copy2


This was my Fall front entrance. Do you remember when I made this Fall arrangement? Click HERE to learn how easy it was.

I ended up spraying some of the pumpkins with a blast of bronze paint and later I used a few of the polka dot pumpkins for our Halloween party as well. To make a polka dot pumpkin, I simply put those sticky round labels (from any office supply store)  randomly over the pumpkin, sprayed a few coats of bronze paint, then I removed the round labels. 

Before:                                                              After:


DSC_0505 copy

I placed this finished pumpkin on an urn at my ‘Edgar Allen Poe Halloween’ window. You can click HERE to see more photos from Halloween.

Very festive looking don’t you think?


Now, for the Halloween season. First,  I found some cheap black garland (yes, only $6.00 for 15 feet) and I bought three strands. They already had lights attached.

DSC_0271 copy

I sprayed some of those plastic orange pumpkins black, filled them with dried moss, and hung some orange paper lanterns from the ceiling, all with fishing wire. Actually my Dad and I did this (I have the greatest Dad).


I kept my Fall garland over the door and simply tucked in some black tulle and red and black fake flowers. And with the addition of a skeleton head it was Halloween-ready.

DSC_0575 copy1

I snapped a picture right after. But for the actual party night, we added a few extra touches. 

DSC_0567 copy1

It’s hard to tell from this daytime shot, but those are two faux painted panels attached to the front of our house pillars. This makes it easy to staple black sheeting and enclose the front entrance if we want; this year we kept it open. Did I mention that we go kinda crazy at Halloween?


This is a picture taken at night without the flash. Sorry it’s so blurry but you get the idea. Here is one of the faux haunted house-looking panels next to one of the garden torches. We brought some of the torches out to the front yard and lit them on party night.

DSC_0463 copy

And this is a picture of the very last party guests to leave our Halloween party. Can’t you see that wild and crazy werewolf glaze in their eyes…or, maybe that was just the tequila? Hard to say. But the night was so fun and worth every last minute of decorating!


One last funny story


Oh, and remember this guy? I have a funny “front-door” story about our life-sized Mr. Werewolf.

On Halloween night  Jim and I actually stayed home with a cozy fire and a glass of wine. For some reason, we’re normally not home on Halloween and it actually felt luxurious. Yep, that’s the word for it. Our days of trick or treating with the boys are a thing of the past. But we decided to have a little fun anyway, so we set up Mr. Werewolf behind our front pillar, added some additional tombstones and body parts, then we sat back to enjoy the reactions from the neighborhood kids.

Near the end of the evening, as we watched television in the family room, we heard one of the last groups approaching our house; it was a group of very loud, pre-teen boys. And there was lots of laughter and then a hushed quiet as they apparently approached our front door. Suddenly, the silence was broken by a shrill scream followed by two distinct words: “Holy SH#*!”

He had obviously just met our Mr. Werewolf.

Afterwards, I don’t know who laughed louder, us or the kids. Ah, it was a good ending to the Halloween season.

And now, it’s on to the magic of Christmas …..Are you ready?





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