Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Three simple words that spread happiness

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A few months ago, I sent a simple text message to one of my dearest friends. I had wanted to let her know how grateful I was for the lovely birthday dinner that I’d been treated to; and in an impromptu moment, I dashed a quick text message out to her, knowing my thank you card would be following later. I don’t remember the swift exchange of words now, the moment was gone in a flash and she probably didn’t give it a second thought, but I did.

That’s because she surprised me with three simple words. Nothing profound. However, when I thanked her, she caught me off guard, and instead of the courteous, standard response, “You’re welcome,” she texted back these three words, “You deserve it.”

That’s it. Three quiet, understated, words that are easy to overlook because of their simplicity. But when I saw these words on my miniature IPhone screen, I distinctly remember how I felt; and the surge of warm, pink-faced happiness that startled me, and transformed my phone into a sweet smile.

You Deserve It.

Try it. The next time somebody is thanking you for something, catch yourself. And before your mind converts into automated politeness and you immediately blurt out, “You’re welcome,” do something different.

Nothing profound, just sincere.

Say these three words instead. You Deserve It.

And spread a little happiness into the world.



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