Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Cozy Look of Fall in the Dining Room

Well, the season of Fall is upon us and this past week we even had a few rainy days. Does anyone else feel that sense of awe about the passing of Time in our lives? Whew. If I didn’t know better,  I would still feel like I was happily plopped in the middle of September. I know it’s a cliché… but Time is flying!

DSC_0106 copy1

However, I did manage to add a few Fall touches to my dining room and I think it does create a feeling of warmth for the cooler days ahead.

DSC_0114 copy

Little things help. I like to bring out my animal print chandelier shades for a pop of warm, sultry color.


I made a simple linen runner for my dark wood table, added a paisley shawl and touches of browns and greens.


Here’s a silver tray with vintage books topped with an aged, crocheted doily, and my grandma’s brooch tucked into a bird’s nest. I love the way that the sage green color ties the book, jewelry and baby fern together.


And I like the look of dried hydrangeas and pressed leaves next to the golden frames of mirrors and old pictures. Here…


and here.


Below are a few photos of lovely autumn colors in the dining room that might inspire you to try a daring paint color for your walls. What do you think?

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Sage green walls and white trim make a classic, traditional look with the pin-striped fabric on the seats.

3AE79692D230ABC24A83A425BBC3C copy

Dark chocolate walls next to all this white, (mantel, doors, trim, and ceiling) make this a cozy, informal place to eat. I especially love the bamboo shades on the window.

FB25C34EBEA402632BE5055DCEC5 copyPhotos: House Beautiful

And yellow stimulates the appetite. When it’s paired with the bold, red patterned chairs it makes me want to live in this room. It looks so cheerful, don’t you think?

How about your dining room? What colors do you like to be surrounded by when you eat? I’ve had a rich, golden color and a deep red color on my dining room walls, and now I’m happy with my taupe color. For now.


Well, Patrick came home for a whirlwind visit and he’s back at school. I can’t believe how much we enjoyed having him home.

tumblr_legg1waeB51qa4t0oo1_500_large weheartitPhoto:

But now it’s back to business. I’ve got to finish my Halloween invites, so don’t forget to check back for a peek…I think you’ll approve!


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