Friday, July 10, 2020

my guest bathroom reveal

Hello there friends.


I wish I could hear your voice through this screen because I really would like to know how you're doing. It's been a while since I've been here and to tell you the truth, even though today's post is about my guest bathroom, the real renovation has been taking place inside me.

But that's a whole other post.

In the meantime it occurred to me that the last update you got on my guest bathroom was when the plumber accidentally cracked my tub -the second tub to get damaged on this project. 

I know, after all that delay and work and I forget the REVEAL part. What kind of DIY-blogger does that, right?

So today I thought I'd get my act together and show you some photos. I'll start with THE inspiration piece that motivated this entire bathroom renovation.

Here it is:

I found this corner cabinet (seen in two pieces here) in an antique store, buried under piles of Indian blankets and dusty magazines. I had no idea if it would fit into my bathroom corner but I lugged it home and spent hours sanding down the black mahogany stain.

Here I am, in pre-pandemic days already with a mask and my palm sander. 
(I sure miss those glasses, do you lose your glasses a lot too?)

After hours of sanding the outside AND inside, I discovered  a really beautiful wood underneath, and I was so excited. Although I still didn't know if it would fit because the bathroom hadn't been demo'd yet. 

But I just "felt" like it would all work out. 

Here's the BEFORE

As you can see there's nothing wrong with this bathroom. 
 Just dark and dated. 

I kept the floor plan and original window to stay in budget, but I traded the miniature tub for a deep soaker that would fit into the space. I think this was tub no. 3. 

If you're interested in that whole story-warning, it's long- you can go HERE.



In the end I went with the classic white subway tile and marble floors. And I mixed my metals on my lighting fixtures and faucets--a brushed gold and polished chrome

The only work I did in here was install the wood ceiling, the baseboards, the trim and paint. I found this rustic-looking wood product for the ceiling from Lowe's-- that was so light and easy to work with. And I loved the warmth it brought to all that white.

How do you like my cut in the baseboard...?
I'm getting better with my jigsaw.

When Claudio my electrician came by to mark the spots for my lighting he told me the bad news, the light switch I thought could be moved to make some space for my cabinet could NOT be moved. 

So here's the bottom part of the cabinet shoved into corner as far as possible. It was going to be tight but.. I still felt positive. 

Once the pedestal sink got installed I was finally able to bring the two cabinet pieces into place. 

And although it was a tight fit, I was happy. 

But I had another problem.

Once the cabinet was under the wood ceiling it took me two seconds to realize the shades of wood clashed terribly. I was so bummed. As much as I loved the wood on the ceiling I knew it needed to be white so my cabinet would stand out.

Believe me. After all that time installing this ceiling and loving the look, that first brush of white paint was SO hard. But I've learned the key to that first nervous coat of paint, is don't hesitate. 
Just do it. That's my painting motto. 

Afterwards I knew it was the right decision.

It's hard to see in this shot but I ordered and installed a shower tract into the ceiling, I thought it was a cool touch.

I let Jim pick the mirror out for the fun of it and he picked this "rustic" white one from Houzz, which is actually not wood at all. But I like it. There are those rare moments when I do want his opinion, wink. 

This is very UN-designer-of me. Because I know the first thing to be replaced on old furniture is the hardware (usually with those trendy, long handles) but I didn't have the heart to remove these primitive little wood thing-ees. They're so cute.

Another BEFORE shot


Honestly, when you're inside the bathroom it looks like it fits perfectly. And there's a remarkable amount of storage.



I just love seeing before and after pictures and if you do too, we're starting renovations on our Master bath on the 20th and I'll share my pictures with you soon. It's small for a Master bath, so I've made some selections that will make it feel larger. At least that's my hope.

Sending blessings of love and health to you,
(don't forget to wear your mask)


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Janet said...

Absolutely love your remodel! Clean and white makes it bright and cheery!

Take care Leslie

La Contessa said...

A BEAUTY I WOULD SAY.............are YOU for HIRE?!!!
Where did you find that cabinet ORANGE?THis TREASURE HUNTER NEEDS TO KNOW!

karen said...

Beautiful. It is good to see this all done because we are in the throws, down to the studs and waiting for the plumber. Who btw is coming on Sunday at 7. Must be a very busy plumber. Can't wait to have it behind us and ticked off our !ist.

cheri said...

Absolutely stunning, Leslie.. you have such lovely taste and ideas. In our last master bath I used an old decrepit 2 piece English cabinet that someone was throwing away and I basically just cleaned it up and my husband glued some of it back together...It ended up being a beautiful piece of antique furniture....we sold it with the house since it fit just perfectly. Can't wait for your master bath pics and your other story...Blessings Cheri

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

This is so lovely, Leslie! The cabinet is gorgeous, and I think the white ceiling does highlight it! I love all of your beautiful choices! xo

brenda murphy said...

Love love love what you have done! I wouldn’t have changed the hardware either! I have an Art Deco cabinet in my bathroom and love the period details like the Bakelite knobs:) beautifully done!

Susan Nowell @ My Place to Yours said...

Looks great, Leslie! The corner cabinet is a really nice touch and, yes, going “backward” and painting the ceiling was the right choice. Bummer...but now beautiful! We are renovating our guest bath right now. Plumbing and electrical are moved, walls are repaired, century-old window is restored but not yet re-installed (still have to replace the sash ropes), and the tub goes in next week—assuming I don’t have your luck! At least now you can look at your classy “new” bathroom and forget all that transpired to get there. LOL

auntp said...

I absolutely love the whole room....every bit of it! And, one of my favorite mottoes is "where there's a will, there's a way":) Not always something my husband likes to hear, but it has worked well for me most of the time. I think that old cabinet makes all the difference in the space.

Deborah said...

Hi Leslie,

Your bathroom re-due looks beautiful! You did an amazing job. I hope you are doing well, considering all that we are going through, but it does make you feel better when you make something new again:0)

Have a beautiful day,


michele said...

I love it, Leslie! We really do love the same things, sister. Do you remember that bath I created in our prior home with the enormous corner cabinet I repurposed for storage? You have made me miss that bath so much because this one is so pretty and feels timeless. I would have done the same thing with painting the ceiling white. The cabinet is the queen so she must be accommodated! I would love to hear about your inner transformation so do email me with the scoop. I have not felt comfortable writing anything too personal for the blog lately because my health is failing miserably, and I don't want to bring my readers down during this season with so many distressors. I have been living with chronic pancreatitis and have experienced some of the most painful episodes of my life in recent weeks. I see a new specialist Thursday. Of course, I'm anxious to know whether there is cancer since my risk for pancreatic is so high with my BRCA+ mutation and all this pain. I'm ready for the diagnosis if it comes, as scary as that one is because for me, not knowing is much worse. And you already know a little about how I feel about death. I see it as a fullness of being in a sense - like birth - only birth into something new and lovely. Cynthia Bourgeault is one of my spiritual teachers who has been encouraging her students during the pandemic to "work with" Romans 14:8 which says whether we live or die, we are the Lord's. This brings me a sort of joy I cannot easily express. I have belonged to Love from the beginning of time, in life and in death. This sense of belonging fills me with comfort in spite of my physical suffering. I covet prayer and don't honestly know if I have much time, but I am claiming victory and joy! And see what you get when you encourage stream of consciousness? Death and spiritual woo woo talk! Love to you, beautiful. xox

Leslie Harris said...

Janet thank you so much!


Leslie Harris said...

Thank you Elizabeth, I knew you would appreciate the old hardware. You're right, I found the cabinet in the City of Orange, in one of the antique stores there.


Leslie Harris said...

Karen--good luck with your bathroom! I hope you let me know how it turns out. I know it's always hectic when it's down to the studs, hang in there. It will be so worth it :)

Linda Chiasson said...

Love your new bathroom update!! The cabinet is amazing and is the star of the room. Great bath and lighting fixtures, and pedestal sink is perfect!
My husband and I spent the past months painting and lightening our main floor walls and everything else that needed refreshing with paint. Updating and replacing some other elements transformed our space and really helped brighten spirits during an otherwise dark time.
Looking forward to seeing your master bath renos and hearing about your “real renovation”.

Loree said...

It's looking lovely. The antique corner cabinet is absolutely beautiful. I love it just as it is.

mollie's mom said...

Leslie, this is just beautiful. So serene and the perfect place for a long soak!! I love it all, like the white ceiling but that corner cabinet is the show stopper!! What a beautiful piece and it looks perfect in that spot!! Yay that it fit and I love the wooden latch thing-y that you didn't replace!!

Melanie said...

This bathroom is beyond stunning! Your eye for design and creativity is amazing. I want to hire you to re-do both my (tiny) bathrooms!

Debra@CommonGround said...

Hello there dear Leslie, it's so nice to see your beautiful face!! I worry about masks because I can't share smiling with others. Otherwise, wearing them should not be an option. Your bathroom is amazing and I admire your subtle sense of style and renovation. The cabinet is fabulous, no wonder you were inspired to create around it. All your hard work sanding has been worth it. oh, and the rug, that incredible rug on all that white. Honestly I prefer the white on the ceiling. I'ts just perfect. I'm so glad God is leading you through the process. He is our good and loving Father. Thankyou for sharing this on AAH, of course I'm sharing it Monday evening. Take care and lots of love coming your way!!

Amber Lyon Ferguson said...

What a gorgeous makeover! I am swooing over that cabinet and rug!

I am happy to feature you at All About Home this week. Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

This remodel is freaking awesome!!!! Your boring before is now a gorgeous after. I would have never thought to put a corner cupboard in a bathroom but it totally makes the space!!!
Thanks for sharing:)

Sheepskinsandfairylights said...

Leslie, you are a one woman tour due force in the renovation world.
It looks beautiful and inspiring.
Loads of love, Vikki Xx

Julie @ My Wee Abode said...

You did an AMAZING job! And the white painted ceiling looks GREAT, too! Gotta do what ya gotta do, right? Nice when it comes out perfect! ;-) Congrats on your feature at Inspire Me Tuesday... Would love for you to link up at Tuesday Turn About via We open on Tuesdays (duh) at 5pm CST. Hope to see you there!

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