Sunday, September 3, 2017

Romantic Bohemian Tablescape

What makes a dinner setting romantic?

What's your opinion?
Because I was thinking about this question as I typed out the title for this blog post. 

August 31st was my honey's birthday and I felt so blessed to have both our kids celebrating with us.

So I asked myself, "Must a romantic dinner only be a private tete-a-tete?"

And my answer was: no, of course not. 

Personally I think the feeling of romance is in the attitude set by the hostess... when she's busy creating a festive look for her dinner table, 

with her special guest of honor always in the back of her mind

(wow, hard to believe I've known this guy since he was twenty-two)

 especially since we've got a 22 year old now.

Personally I think romance is expressed in the attention to details on a table.

...Like when you pick out your napkins and browse through old napkin rings to find the ones that feel just right for your boho-chic table.

I think
romance is the contentment you feel when you're wiping down and lining up the silverware next to each plate.

(hard to believe I found this matte gold silverware at Target)

...Or when you're picking out table fabrics and flower colors, because it's all about making the guest of honor feel special.

Me? I think it's kinda romantic to stuff paper towel holders with candies and a personal horoscope for each guest ...

...then wrapping each one in gold tissue and vintage music sheets so that later, they can be read together out loud with a lot of eye-rolling and laughing.

I think 'romantic' is having pretty stemware that matches the table, especially when it's shatter-proof Dura-glass that looks  like fancy crystal.

(gotta love that William Glen summer sale)

(per urban dictionary)
if you're a fan, you can see more Boho favorites here

Putting together this table was what I love to do, but
in all seriousness whatever your table looks like... it's all about being together, eating good food and making the birthday guy (in our case) feel special ...

Happy Birthday
to our funny, generous, kind-hearted Dad and husband...



Sarah said...

Happy Birthday to your special guy, Leslie. I agree with you about romance for a table. It's the care and details given the table. I think your table is most inviting and no doubt your three guys felt it.

Simply LKJ said...

Beautiful table setting Leslie. You've inspired me to create some pretty tables "just because". I do have a print in my dining room that says "every day is a special occasion." Need to remember that.

Susan Nowell @ My Place to Yours said...

Absolutely the hostess sets the tone of the event by the table she designs -- romantic or otherwise. Great job on this one for your sweetheart! I'm glad the family was able to celebrate together. The eye-rolling was surely some fun memory-making! :-)

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Your husband must have felt very special and loved sharing his birthday with all of you at this table! You put so much thought and creativity into putting it all together! The blue cloth sets a wonderful mood in the room...beautiful!

La Contessa said...

WHAT makes a table ROMANTIC?Was that the question I have already forgotten!
I agree with you it's the small touches and attention to detail.............

Art and Sand said...

I pinned the idea for the toilet paper rolls - such a cute idea.

Funny to think that you met Jim at 22 and now your son is 22.

Carla from The River said...

I think the colors and ideas are great. How/Where did you get the horoscope ideas?
Happy Birthday to your sweetheart.


michele said...

This is beautiful and so thoughtfully put together, Leslie! I find it all very romantic and so personal so it's a treat that you have shared it with us. Thank you for the reminders to take the time to celebrate in a colorful way that will be remembered far down the road. xox

cindy hattersley design said...

Leslie this is gorgeous! This is one of the most creative tablescapes I have seen in ages. Happy Birthday to "Mr Moss" what a lucky guy he is!!

Sheepskinsandfairylights said...

Absolutely gorgeous, love love love the table fabric! X

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