Sunday, July 19, 2015

3 stylish ideas for your alfresco table


With our backyard going through major renovations lately, I’ve really missed the fun of setting a pretty outdoor table.


The minute I saw these concrete taper holders I knew this was my next DIY  project. I think they look so chic mixed in with layers of fresh eucalyptus, don’t you think?

Combined with a gray and black themed table too. It’s pure garden elegance.

Anthropologie sold a version that’s no longer available but I found plenty of DIY cement pillars to choose from. Here’s one tutorial that offers lots of possibilities. As soon as I get done with some of our bigger projects,  I want to make these.


Another idea on my to-do list is this one. Last weekend I stopped by the Urban Gardener in Newport Beach and when I saw their lighting display I instantly filed this idea away.

I can’t wait to get my new lights up so I can do this.


Adding little strips of fabric to your outdoor light strands is so simple and you can get creative with your color and patterns.

I’d like to use muslin and cotton strips in shades of white and cream. Especially with a few lace remnants added. Wouldn’t that be so pretty at night?


The other detail I noticed in their garden were these green apples (real ones) sitting in topiaries. It reminded me of how wonderful it looks when you mix real fruit into your centerpieces.


I’ve seen small inexpensive crates like this sold at craft stores like Michael’s. And these crates could be stained or distressed before putting your topiary inside.



Adding a French metal number similar to THESE ones sold on Etsy would dress it up too.



Have you been enjoying your outdoor space this summer?

I hope so.

Right now I’m  trying to recover from an awful cough and cold that took me by surprise. Got my meds yesterday though so I hope to be back posting soon.







Vickie @ Ranger 911 said...

I hope your patio and yard work are done soon so you can enjoy some outdoor dinners this summer, Leslie! I scrolled through your previous posts, and you've found some wonderful ideas for decorating outdoor spaces. I need to buy myself some outdoor lighting to make family get-togethers extra special. I love the idea of tying fun colored fabrics to the strings of globe lights! I can't wait to see your finished patio and I'll bet you can't either. Have a great week!

Karen said...

I love Urban Gardner and always come away with great ideas. I loved the idea of the cloth tied bands on the outdoor lights. I really like your first image too. It's always fun to come up with some new ways to decorate the table for an al fresco meal.
I hope you are back to your healthy self very soon.

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

I love all of the fun inspiration photos, Leslie...especially the fabric strips! We keep lights like those up at the would be fun to dress them up for special occasions. Hope you are feeling better SOON!

ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...

Beautiful inspiration Leslie...I know you can't wait to have your outside oasis complete!! Hope your feeling better :-)

michele said...

omg. leslie. i became obsessed today with massing a bunch of candles on our sideboard (which currently resides in the garage) someday when we're settled, and i was brainstorming about a ceramic/stone candleholder i might make or buy. and those concrete ones are soooooooo awesome. thank you, girlfriend. you are always on the same wavelength! how do you do that? please keep doing it. xox

Lori said...

Hello out there ~ did you think I disappeared forever? Catching up tonight ~ loving these lights and really enjoyed your last post. I was trying to think of a book that changed me and I think I need to chew on it awhile ~ my mind is a blank slate right now. And the renos my love will all come together eventually ~ I have complete and total faith in you. xoxo

Art and Sand said...

Hope you are feeling better.

I am loving the idea of the strips of fabric hanging from the lights. Now I have to convince Steve that it will look good!

Unknown said...

Picture perfect, I love them, especially the first shot, very chic!
Get better soon, Leslie...dose up :)
Sending you a big hug xx

Unknown said...

Hello Leslie! Happy mid-summer and I hope you are feeling better by today. I'm just back from being away (3 out of 4 weeks) so I'm very behind with my blog reading. I've missed your inspiration. What fun to see this outdoor decor inspiration. Love the strips of fabric on the lights-so simple but festive. Have you been to the OC Mix at the SoCo Collection? I wrote a post on it about a year ago My sister, Dorie, does the succulents for Greenleaf. You would love Rolling Green! There are so many cool places to explore in the OC. I love following along with you.
Have a wonderful day!
xx, Heather

Calypso In The Country said...

Beautiful photos! I haven't done any outdoor entertaining this summer with all the crazy work we are doing around our house. Time goes too fast doesn't it? Hope all is well!

Van@Luxuria said...

Such fabulous ideas as always Leslie. I am definitely bookmarking this page. I hope to move into my new cottage (on the Cotswold border) and my garden has 3 separate seating areas. So I am really excited to make a pretty al-fesco area.
Take care and get well soon Sweets xx

Stonecropsister said...

Hi Leslie,
I love candles outside, and those fabric strips are wonderful! Too bad you are sick, lousy time of year for it. I found this spring I did not do much in the way of flower beds, stuck to pots, and I am finding it more manageable. I guess it was the chaos of unemployment, that I just didn't feel like doing too much, and now I find it was like a gift to myself. i can go out, sit at my table, and relax and just enjoy what I did do. But having said that, dear god, my front bed and walkway are gross, so I do need to make an effort this fall to spruce the outdoor decor up a bit. Ideas please for front entrance ways! Feel better soon! xx Nancy

Karena said...

Leslie these are all wonderful styling ideas with artful accessories !!
So great to enjoy entertaining outdoors!

The Arts by Karena
Featuring Artist Leah Bowring

Mary Ann Pickett said...

My kids bought their corsages and boutonieres (spelling) for their prom dates at Urban Gardener...and the best was when they surprised me with a pretty Mother's Day bouquet using their own money :) I want to add fruit to my centerpiece now. Feel better!

karen@somewhatquirky said...

You found some great styling inspiration Leslie! Love the fabric tied around the lighting. Hope your outdoor work is close to finished or will at least be ready for a glorious fall!

designchic said...

We have had such a hot summer so far that it's been hard to dine outdoors, but I'm excited for cooler weather to do just that! Beautiful ideas - happy weekend!!

cindy hattersley design said...

I am waaaay to lazy to add fabric strips to my lights ( I do have the lights though)...if I did they might hang there for decades!! What a clever idea though...send pics!!

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