Friday, June 19, 2015

Garden Charm ….5 weekend projects on my list




The other day I came home with 96 feet of outdoor café lights.


Here they are, still sitting in the boxes waiting for us to catch up with our landscaping in the backyard. But have you seen these at your neighborhood Costco yet?



1. hanging café lights

I checked online and saw they had great reviews so I didn’t hesitate. Because ever since I stumbled on this tutorial I’ve been wanting to add these lights to our new outdoor space.

outdoor living room

The best part of this project is realizing you don’t have to have an outdoor structure…


…or a giant tree to have twinkling lights hanging in your backyard.



2. getting creative with solar lights

Speaking of lighting I saw some creative ideas for using inexpensive solar lights. I haven’t used solar lights before have you?

But tucking them into planters looks like a great idea.



So does this. Taking dollar tree solar lights apart and putting them into Tiki torches.



One project we did complete recently was to plant 4 huge palm trees as anchors for a future dining area. And we plan on wrapping them with white lights like this.

I’ll keep you posted on this project but first we still have to finish the surrounding area around them.


Right now were planning on using pavers with either regular grass or a ground covering between the pavers. Something like this.

If so, this would be the only grass in our little backyard. Because we’re in the middle of a serious drought in California our landscape decisions have been very conscientious of water usage.

3. collecting green bottles for outdoor tablescapes


Here’s something else on my mind. Saving our green wine bottles! Look how pretty they look when they’re displayed en masse…



Looks like I’m going to have to find a new favorite wine inside this shade of green though..which is not so easy to find. Any recommendations?


4. transforming a birdcage into planter

And finally.

Here’s something I can do with my old birdcage I just couldn’t let go of….

add some succulents to it and hang it outside.

I recently discovered a local garden designer---literally down the street--- who creates beautiful displays of succulents. You can see some of her ideas HERE.




And now that we’ve gotten rid of a very oddly placed door—

we actually have some outdoor wall space for a rustic mirror.


Molly Wood Garden Design

5. adding a mirror outside

Something similar to this one but at a great price, of course.

Which means I’ll probably be scouring flea markets and quirky shops for awhile.

(but you know me. I consider that the fun part)



Have a wonderful Father’s Day weekend my friends!!






partying at the French Country Cottage 




Debra@CommonGround said...

Oh, I love all your fun projects and ideas!! Some lights were here on our underdeck dining spot, but I need to replace them. no Costco around here, boo. Have a great weekend!!

Van@Luxuria said...

Oooh! I love all your ideas and pinned most of your images as I am currently in the process of buying a cottage in the English countryside where these garden ideas will work brilliantly. No Costco here in the UK but I am sure I can find the equivalent somewhere ;-) Hope you are doing well Leslie xx

Art and Sand said...

We just hung 2 strands of similar lights in the garden, but we need a few more. I love the look at night.

I had an old mirror from a complete bedroom set that we no longer have. I put it in the garden and let the ivy grow around it and love all the pics I take with that mirror in them.

I love all of your inspiration pics.

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Your plans sound wonderful! I have been looking at lights for the courtyard so now I'll check out Costco.

Sarah said...

Leslie, all of your plans sound like great ideas. I have two of the French bottle carriers. I think I need to find some green wine bottles. ;-) Love that look!
The lights in a garden make it magical. Want to do that too!
Have a great weekend.

Blondie's Journal said...

These are fab ideas, Leslie. I would like to try the idea of putting some of the solar lights in my big potted plants. I want to wait until they go on sale to add some to my front landscape---the prices are atrocious, aren't they?

Thanks for the inspiration. How are things going this early summer at the new house?

Jane x

Tamera Beardsley said...

Lovely post as always my dear! Love all of your inspirational beauty you share! I have been 'taking back' my backyard this week to prep it for Father's Day … so I really appreciate seeing some motivational images! You have beautiful taste my dear! Happy Father's Day to you and yours!


Lynne said...

Leslie...I so know why you and I are connected!
(I just love it here!)
Mr D and I scooped up the festival light the moment we saw them! He insisted on installing part of them along the inside of our new deck. I questioned if they would look good, as I adore them hung in strands, like you have them pictured here. He is an electrician so he cut and spliced, and customized...they look fabulous...and are magic at night! Very Romantic!
It would be my dream to see strands in every neighborhood!

I love everything in this post! Do share your interpretation when your projects are completed!

There is so much energy and elbow grease happening in blog land right now, I can decide if I am exhausted or energized!

Happy weekend!

Karen said...

Great ideas. I didn't know Costco had those lights. We have white lights on our patio but the overhang may have to come's got rot issues. We 're thinking of just using a large patio umbrella, but I loved the lights strung across the space.
We had a few solar lights years ago when they first came out...not very pretty, but our kids have the newer generation and they great.
I'll look forward to a reveal once you're finished with the back yard.

ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...

Leslie your plans sound wonderful...I love all your inspiration photos!

Pam Kessler said...

Well heck I just fell down the rabbit hole with this post. I ran off to check out the lighting tutorial and now I'm thinking about jumping in the car to run to Home Depot to buy me some conduit pipe! I've been wanting cafe lights for months but didn't want to shimmy up the oak tree and tie them up there. MUCH easier solution!!! Thanks for all the inspiration!

michele said...

oh i love your inspiration--i don't have a costco but i am cray cray for white lights on anything indoor or out so i am on it. hope you had a relaxing weekend. palm trees wrapped with twinkly lights in one's own backyard? mercy, i'd feel i'd died and gone to heaven. it was a great weekend, our last restful one as the work begins on friday! i hope my paint store is ready to mix up the rainbow of whites in which i'm about to invest! peace.

Karena said...

Leslie I love these images and all of the great ideas for using lovely outdoor lighting. Even the green bottles are beautiful when displayed in a grouping!!

The Arts by Karena
Closer: Michael Clinton

Veronica Roth said...

Those are some great lighting ideas. Especially the hanging "chandelier" from that tree. I've sent it to Robert and told him that when I get back to England, (in one week's time), I want to see something like this hanging from one of the maples welcoming me back home for the summer...and the dining patio set underneath too with a light supper. He sent back "nice try!" LOL

Hope all your lovely plans and projects turn out brilliantly.

cindy hattersley design said...

This post is so timely. My husband has been begging for these lights. I finally ordered them on Amazon and guess what our son and his wife found them at thoughtful for Fathers Day. The Amazon ones are going back. I love the outdoor mirror idea especially since it will age and look kind of raunchy which of course I love

Town and Country Gals said...

lots of great lighting ideas! I'll have to tell my sister in Yorba Linda about those lights from Costco, they'd look great on her patio! Looking forward to seeing your backyard reveal!

Unknown said...

Hello Leslie! I am catching up-finally off work and back from that week long conference in Napa. Summer is so sweet! These outdoor spaces are fantastic inspiration. I've heard about this lights from Costco-a real game changer for an outdoor living space. Love the green bottle ideas for tablescapes. I've been collecting a few of my favorite bottles (a light green shade) from Starborough Sauvignon Blanc--very beachy tone.
Love the inspiration today!
xx, Heather

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