Tuesday, March 3, 2015

my bathroom update-BM Coventry Gray walls





today’s inspiration photo

Hello friends.

Before I start I have to apologize for the dark photos today, it’s all I have and I wanted to give you an update.



Because today was hump day for our bathroom remodel.

So far the shower’s finished and I’m so happy with it.

I’m loving all the white subway tiles with the charcoal gray grout. Funny how I didn’t give the dark grout a second thought. But when it comes to bathrooms I have too many memories of scrubbing yucky white grout in the shower

…so this choice was a no-brainer.


The frame-less shower door will be installed on Saturday which makes me sad.

I really want to keep staring at my new shower floor.

(Can anyone tell me if it’s a sign of old age when your heart skips a beat

at the sight of newly installed marble?)



Anyway--today there’s more action happening.

All the white paneling, baseboards and trim are going up and if you remember, I’m having the paneling installed horizontally to mimic planks (like that inspiration photo).

Here’s the first sheet going up. 


Last night before bed it occurred to me that I still wasn’t 100% sure about my paint color so at 11:00 at night--instead of my PJs, I put on my painting t-shirt and pants and opened a can of my latest color crush---BM’s Coventry Gray and started rolling it on the wall. 

(ha--how to you like my carefully thought-out decorating plan? )

oh well. here’s the first look at the paint color—looking way more dark in this light.


Last night



Because the mirror is already trimmed in white I decided to have the casing butt into the mirror. 



Here’s a close-up of that detail.

(I can’t wait to see the wood work when it’s all painted white)



Before: dark tile and left over cabinet


blank slate



bead board installed-shower done-flooring done-

painting in progress



Night-time painting with a glass of Cab,

have you tried it?

it’s actually very therapeutic.

So here I am. But without the chandelier and sconces installed yet, I don’t know the actual shade of gray I’ll have in here…so stay tuned.

I still might go lighter.

So tell me. What’s your favorite shade of gray?





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 (more bathroom decisions HERE)




Unknown said...

So it's 6.45am here & I'm sittin up in bed poring over your photos, going back & forth, forth & back LOL!

I love what you are doing & yes, how funny we are doing it at the very same time:)

My builders started work on Monday - Monday was exciting, Tuesday was overwhelming & v stressful! So many decisions to be made, valves, taps, waste,'s a huge learning curve, although I can also see how this house remodelling business becomes addictive, it's v exciting!

A friend used the White metro tiles in her kitchen with the grey grout & I absolutely loved the look of it.....I wasn't sure if I was brave enough to go for it....but last week I took another look at her tiles, took a look at your previous bathroom post & decided to go for's tiles, how brave do you have to be?!

My friend described the colour grout as an 8 on a scale of 1-10 white to black, if that makes sense. She's in Australia....another blog "friend"! "Charcoal" makes perfect sense, I am going to speak to the builder about that today. Your tiles look completely fantastic.

Love your mirror, that's a great size - am now wondering if I should go bigger with mine, hmmmm?

I think your grey is a great choice....I have been obsessed with grey recently - who hasn't - I think I'd have a grey & White House right now if I could :)

I am using tongue & groove around the bathroom, up to a midpoint & am toying with the idea of will either be that or cream. Or white. Or I'm now thinking I could use grey above the board. Maybe some midnight painting is in order ;)

It's so great to see your project, you are full of ideas & inspiration as always!

Keep us posted :)

Lori said...

Loving your paint colour and how everything is coming together ~ it is beautiful Leslie! xo

Karen said...

It's looking magazine-worthy. I love the details in the shower and that shower floor! So wonderful. I used London Fog for our guest bath. That room has similar details to yours. I think I like it. Not completely sure it's dark enough.
The house is really coming along nicely. I laughed, I could totally see myself painting after hours. :-)

Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. said...

Oh pretty! Love the tile and yes, the dark grout was a good decision. And planked walls add so much character and interest to a room - perfect. It's going to be a dreamy bathroom Leslie!

Lynne said...

I think that once the Chandelier and the sconces are lit the Coventry Gray will appear lighter. I would stay with the contrast to show off that beautiful trim, planking, and tile.

Painting with Cab, cooking with Cab...I'm in!

Your room is beautiful!

Carla from The River said...

Looking good.:-)
It is beautiful. And I love how you are having fun with this project.

ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...

Oh Leslie I LOVE LOVE what your doing in your new bathroom and your not alone...I would start painting at 11pm too lol!! I swooned over the photo with the paneling and trim up with the looks amazing already!

Sarah said...

What a gorgeous bath, Leslie. It's all coming together beautifully. Crushing over the marble floors. The tile works looks great. I'm a fan of gray, just about all shades. Our living room is a soft feather gray. It's time to repaint, and I suspect we will continue to have gray living room walls. The color plays well with art and the other colors in the room.

Anonymous said...

It is such a lovely colour with the marble, I think it looks perfect. I'm not sure if my favourite colour is considered a grey, but I fell in love with Pashmina by BM - Affinity line. It is in our main path and master bedroom. Patty/NS

Unknown said...

Leslie, it is so exciting to see this stage coming together. Your selections are beautiful! That marble and your tiles, I think the gray offsets them to perfection. I would have been right there with you testing out the paint, and enjoying the cab! So happy for you!
xx, Heather

karen@somewhatquirky said...

A few things. Your shower floor is the same as my 1940 bathroom floor. Except mine is cracked. Yes, I love a cab with my paint. I did that most of Sunday and Sunday evening. It was a good day! I don't know my favorite shade of grey. There are many lovely ones but they are difficult to live with here in the land of grey skies. Your bath is going to be lovely!

Daniela @Frugal Aint Cheap said...

looks wonderful! I really like the horizontal "wood planks" and the details in the tiles.

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

Stunning! Your room is really beginning to take shape. I adore the basket weave tile in your shower and your floors... really all of it!

Unknown said...

Stonington Gray by Benjamin Moore

Art and Sand said...

Oh, my goodness!

Your bathroom is amazing. The former owners would be in shock to see all the wonderful upgrades you have completed.

michele said...

heck ya i've done the paint thing with the cab at midnight. it's like a rite of passage for a true creative, oui? the bathroom looks so awesome, and i agree about the grout. i made the mistake of white years ago, and it was one of the things i happily left behind in that home when we moved. i have a light grey in the laundry room i like. it's benjamin moore 'shale.' i have never tired of it. i also like martha stewart's sharkey grey which i used in my dressing room as an accent. my kitchen is a custom grey which i don't love looks purply in some light which is not what i was going for. i love watching your progress, leslie! peace and spa-like bathrooms, baby.

Pam Kessler said...

In one blog post you have changed my life. When I think about redoing my bathroom, I keep thinking about how much I hate, hate, hate trying to keep grout clean. Never once did it occur to me that if it was DARK grout that would solve the whole problem!!! You're genius.

Tami said...

What a big change already and it's not finished yet. Can't wait to see it finished. My shade of grey is on the mushroom side, or ocean sands color. Kind of a taupey grey.
Tami (SJ)

Vickie @ Ranger 911 said...

Your bathroom looks amazing already, Leslie! I love the tile you've chosen and the horizontal planking, too. I can't wait to see the reveal!

Calypso In The Country said...

My heart skips a beat when I look at pretty things, love, love that tile floor! Great choice for the wall color too. It looks so pretty with the white. The bathroom is gorgeous already!

Splenderosa said...

Gwen, I love dark, high-gloss grays with all the trim the same color. I'm a real contemporary girl when it comes to that, then I add in a few antique pieces I've collected over the years. But I love a clean, sleek palette.
I've never painted anything myself, but I think it's time to learn!!!

designchic said...

I am in awe - it looks amazing, Gwen!! You must be thrilled with the progress. The tiles for the shower are beautiful and give me anything beadboard and I'm completely smitten!

cindy hattersley design said...

Looks fabulous Leslie!! I love BM gray owl for a darker gray and bm halo for a nice soft gray! Don't worry about that door you won't even know it is there!!

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

This is looking so beautiful! I am always inspired by your talent and creativity, Leslie. The choices you've made in the room are coming together so wonderfully...I'm looking forward to seeing it when you've finished.

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