Thursday, February 6, 2014

Before and After

If you’re a follower of my blog you know I tend to paint first, and think later. Sometimes I’ll see a pretty picture and it’s enough to inspire me to paint something. And I don’t spend a lot of time agonizing over the perfect shade either, I’m too impatient. My attitude with mistakes is always, “oh well, it’s just paint.”

I originally had white French doors in our entry. Then I painted them black which I liked better with all our white woodwork. But then I thought this little chest and mirror looked too dark.

DSC_0320 copy2


Don’t you love looking at Before and After photos?  

I think there’s something so optimistic about looking at the After shots, because no matter what someone decides to change, I think it’s admirable to see the result of one’s hard work. You end up thinking, “Hey, I could do that.”

Plus, I think DIYers appreciate all the hidden elbow grease and time that’s behind any home project…


Now back to the French doors. As you can see one paint job led to another and….


..the white frame was definitely a keeper.


But even though the Anne Sloan’s Emperor’s Silk Red was especially pretty during the holidays, I discovered I’m not really a red furniture person.


I thought it was “too much” with my floor tiles.

So the day before our last Open House, I went out to the garage and spotted a leftover can of AS French Linen and right in the middle of all my cleaning… I stopped and re-painted the chest.

Yep. Even when Mr. M. walked by and said, “Les, do you really have time for that right now?”

I kept painting.


And here’s the chest now in a more subdued, softer paint shade.


The minute I finished it I literally sighed with relief.

DSC_1092 (2)use

I prefer this color next to the black doors, and it actually feels calmer in our entry now.

Funny how a shade of color can influence the mood of a room. Does that make sense to you?



Oh, and here’s another quickie, inexpensive project.

See how plain this bedroom window looks?

Well I didn’t want to go out and buy a window treatment since we’re moving soon. But this empty space really gnawed at me… until suddenly I remembered my old window treatment from the kitchen.

DSC_1347 (2)use

For awhile I had moved this valance from my office to the kitchen.

I had it taped inside this wood section over my window. And ever since I took it down, it’s been folded inside my cupboard just waiting for me to see THIS creative project.

After I saw that window treatment, I purchased some burlap and hooks from the Hobby Lobby for under twenty dollars (love them coupons) and using no sew fusible tape, I made a piece of burlap the would cover the back side of this valance, allowing the trim to show.


I purposely left the cream and black damask side alone, in case I decide to use this again.


Once I fused the burlap ends, I glued the entire piece to the valance with my hot glue gun.

But I was careful to use a thin line of hot glue to avoid puckers in the fabric.



Next, I hot glued black ribbon to the edges for a more finished look. And cut and hot glued pieces of black ribbon ties for the top of the valance.


I spray painted the hooks white…


…and thanks to my Dad, we got the valance measured and the hooks spaced properly over the window.



and here it is!

My no-sew burlap window treatment. I wish I had more photos to show you but it’s raining today and too dark in that room to take good pictures right now.

But I hope this DIY project reminds you to look through your stuffed cupboards again.



Because these are the kind of surprises that make me happy.




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Custom Comforts said...

Great makeovers! I love the new color on the cupboard. How it calms and soothes the area, and what a lovely entry it is. I have no entry way, so I am always jealous of the beautiful spacious ones so many bloggers have, and yours is especially beautiful!

Art and Sand said...

I love the idea of the hooks to hang the valance.

I love the red ( I am a "red" girl), but I think the gray fits better with your look.

Any news on the sale of the house?

Pitter and Glink said...

It's amazing how changing something somewhat small can make such a huge impact in a room! I love the gray chest, and your no-sew window treatment is genius! I hope you're doing well. Hugs!

ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...

Leslie my friend we would get along perfectly!! I'm just like you...when I get something in my head there is no stopping me! Love your updates...that valance looks so pretty!

Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. said...

I love the softer shade of your cabinet, especially next to those black doors. You know I've been crushing on those doors for the longest time! And what a clever window treatment update. I especially love the hooks - they add an element of fun! And I totally agree, it's the little surprises that really make life special. I'm a planner, but it can't all be planned out!

Debra@CommonGround said...

I think looking at our own photographs helps us see what we need to do and find the balance in color and placement. LOVE the gray cabinet and the white frame. that black on the doors definitely pops. If you're not busy this weekend, you could come help me pack my Dining Room China

Pam Kessler said...

Yes, the gray does calm the space down. Not that I would have thought the red was too much, but comparing the two the gray is the way to go. I like your before and after comparisons. Hope your sale is moving along!

Sew a Fine Seam said...

I love the cupboard the lighter color - but I'm sure that doesn't surprise you! The curtain is a super cool fix for that window - love it!

Unknown said...

Loving the shade of gray you painted that piece Leslie. I think it suits the colors of the space beautifully. I am so aware of color myself so I definitely understand what you mean. You are so creative with that re purposed window covering.
Happy Weekend my friend.
xx, Heather

Pamela said...

Love the gray much much better!
Your home is gorgeous it should sell in a minute!

Leslie said...

Don't you love the Ann Sloan paint?! It's so easy to apply and there are done lovely color options. I line the final color Leslie! I line the way you used a kitchen piece for the window in the bedroom. It's amazing what a little thought and creativity will do. Have a wonderful weekend ahead!

Gypsy Heart said...

Beautiful changes! Of course,I'm a "red" girl but I can see how the new paint job looks so beautiful on the cabinet. I like it near the french doors.

The valance turned out nicely too! I really like the hooks you used. You are very creative!

Thanks so much for sharing and giving all of us ideas and encouragement.


Carla from The River said...

I love the French Doors and the way the entry looks. I did like the red, but I get what you are saying after you painted it grey.
Amazing and Beautiful!! As my boy's would say "You Rock" :-)

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

I love the pretty changes you have made, Leslie...such a great way to re-use the curtain, while still keeping the original! Love the new cabinet color, too!

michele said...

i love the new hue in the entry--i am def not a red chick as i am drawn to colors that cool me down. loving the black doors too. there's something so gratifying about shopping your own closets and house for stuff--you did a great job with that valance. what a difference!

hugs to you.


Lori said...

Look at you go. I liked the red but the grey looks very nice as well and you are the one that has to live with it after all! Your quickie window treatment sure does make a different in the bedroom as well ~ you are so talented! Hope you are enjoying your weekend. xo

Diane said...

You're right, I love before and afters - so inspirational. Must say, love the chest in all three shades, but the gray is very classic.

Donna@anangloinquébec said...

I smiled when you said you realized you were not a "red furniture" person. I have always loved the look of the red "asian" cupboards that you see from time to time. You know, the ones with the cute metal piece on the front? I absolutely LOVE them but somehow I have this feeling I would want to paint them the minute they would be in the house....BUT, seeing your beautiful paint job I might re-consider my little vision.
Paint is such a magically uplifting material!!!

Linda said...

Even though I love red I love the after in the gray. Never thought of using hooks! Love the idea!!

Sheepskinsandfairylights said...

Really pretty & the after looks fabulous! X

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