Friday, August 2, 2013

thought for the weekend…



DSC_0153 (2)

was the last time


you made friends


with a caterpillar?



this weekend where ever you are

I hope you slow down and take note of the smallest things in your life

that make you smile.



because you deserve it.


happy first weekend in August!




susan hemann said...

Found a wonderful feather while I was out the other day. Yesterday I found a fallen birds nest. It's now in my freezer, in a bag to kill the mites.

Unknown said...

We're heading away to New England on Sunday and I'm planning on spending a lot of time making friends with caterpillars.

Art and Sand said...

When we walk on the beach each morning, we look for perfect sand dollars. I have been telling Steve that we have to stop taking them because we have so many. We had 2 big sand dollars this morning, one was still purple. We saw a young boy and and old woman looking in the sand. Steve took the sand dollars and offered them to the woman. Seeing their reaction was much better than taking them home. I love that part of our day when we take the time to just love the beach.

Lori said...

I tend to stop and take in the little things more so on the weekend then in day to day life. Maybe because I always feel the need to be somewhere at a specific time ~ always running. This month I say no more ~ I am going to coast more ~ take my foot off the gas and slow down. I will even lace up my sneakers, grab Miss Molly and go exploring ~ both at home and the cottage. Thanks for the reminder. xoxo

Sarah said...

It's the geckos, not caterpillars that I've been making friends with in my garden. Each morning while giving things a drink, I see them flipping through the leaves, some startled by the spray of water. They are all sizes from the tiniest little baby to large fat ones. Some are neon green while others are more brown tones. It's fun to watch them move from spot to spot in the garden or up the tree trunks. Just me and the geckos hanging out!

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

I think that as I age I find myself taking more and more time to savor the little moments. The squirrel that comes each morning and each evening for dinner. The sound of the waves, the bark falling for the trees. Little treasures found in little moments.

I hope that you have a wonderful weekend. Enjoy your time with family and friends, those moments are the most precious!

Leslie said...

This is so sweet Leslie.. thank you. We ALL need to slow down a bit. Happy Friday to you!

The Divorced Lady's Companion to Living in Italy said...

Thanks for this slowdown thought Leslie. It's been hectic here, with lots of movement of people, cars, animals. And it's not over yet. This weekend I'll be chopping back the wisteria fronds which are starting to enter my house, and preparing for the long drive to Corsica, which in my mind means selecting books and things to wear. Nutty, hey? Have a good weekend xxcat

Unknown said...

This is a lovely post Leslie...and I love your new blog header :)

Happy Week-end indeed!

PS I loved reading what you had to say over at Lou's about ageing. When I read her post, I just knew you would have something wise to add to the discussion Xx

Unknown said...

I had to plan a wedding for 2 caterpillars when one of my daughters was about 5 - we invited people for the ceremony and everything - and then the " groom " crawled up her twin sister's arm and she went crazy screaming and flung it onto the brick wall and the groom died then and there - had to cancel the ceremony at the last minute to console a very grieving mother of the " bride " and performed a funeral instead!!!
Absolutely TRUE story lmho.
But maybe this weekend I WILL take the time to stop and smell some roses! Have a wonderful wknd Leslie!

michele said...

oh the blog facelift looks gorgeous, leslie! enjoy the remainder of this lovely weekend!


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