Friday, December 30, 2011

How to transform your chandelier for New Year’s Eve

Hello friends. Do you have something big planned for New Year’s Eve? I’ve got some fantastic DIY decorating ideas for your chandelier today. I’m calling it my “Winter Wonderland New Year’s chandelier.” Whew, that’s a mouthful, isn’t it? But I really think you’ll love it…I know I do.

This is a close-up of my BEFORE chandelier…

DSC_0007 copy

…still decorated for Christmas with bulbs and fairies. Each year for Christmas I also pull out my black shades with the little ball trim. This year my dining room was red and white and black. I’ll show you those pictures soon.

I removed everything including shades.


Now you can see how I simply wove fake Christmas garland throughout my chandelier. This was the base. Not too pretty in the glaring daylight, is it?


Step One: Spray garland with a can of Snow. You don’t need much. And make sure you cover your table—plus, I also held a plastic garbage bag in my other hand to catch extra mist while I sprayed.


Step Two: Find clocks and tie them into your garland. Wait, before you give up, here are some quick ideas. I found this little clock ornament from Pier One right after Christmas. I thought these miniature clocks were PERFECT for New Years and I got them at half off their regular price. I still only bought four since they were a bit pricey at $4.99 each.

But I’ve seen small clocks that would work at the Dollar Tree and Big Lots.

Or, here’s another idea. If you’re the creative type you can use small coasters for your clocks. You could spray paint them or find ones like these, already silver.


For the numbers on your “clock,” you could use stickers or stamps. Or you could decoupage a clock face onto them. I originally planned on using these silver coasters in the same way before these Pier One clocks caught my eye.

Step Three: Tie clock and bulbs into garland.

I tied my clocks into the garland with pieces of wire. Then I went around my house and gathered bulbs that were mostly white. I did allow a few that had a hint of gold. And I pulled my white doves (from Target) off my tree. You can choose the ones off your Christmas tree that you like or head to the stores…all the bulbs are on sale right now.


I also put some pinecones into the garland. Can you see one? I had already glittered and sprayed some pinecones last year that I had laying around in bowls. And I thought these fit with my winter wonderland theme.

I used wire for the bulbs and simply laid the pinecones down.


Step Four: Add silver beads and white feathers. I bought the white feathers from Michael’s Crafts Store…and voila!

DSC_0184 copy

This is the AFTER photo in candlelight.

DSC_0209 copy

And this is a picture of the chandelier over the my Winter Wonderland table setting.

See how easy that was? 

And how do you like this room? Do you want know how to create this tablescape? Check back for my next post on decorating your dining room for New Year’s Eve. And be prepared to hear about my latest cheap and secret material to transform your room!!

I hope you’re all staying healthy …I’m fighting a little cold, but blogging makes me feel better!






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